Exo 14v14 – Time for God?

Stop reading this. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Sit in silence, and be still. Let go to God. Let go of your worries. Let go of your fears. Let go of your control. Ok, do it before you read on…. Let me guess; you either didn’t spend the 10 minutes with God, or you… Continue reading Exo 14v14 – Time for God?

Job 37v14 – Stop!

Monday morning. I glance at my diary for the day. It’s packed full. I look at the time. It’s 5:27 pm. Where did the day go? Hopefully, tomorrow I will have more time. Monday morning. A week has passed. I glance at my diary for the day. It’s packed full. We are all familiar with… Continue reading Job 37v14 – Stop!

Psa 37v8 – Be Still

The other day, I had to drive from Franschhoek to Cape Town. I had a meeting at 8 a.m., and I naively thought I could make the drive in 1 hour and 15 min. But there was something I forgot to consider: Traffic, Cape Town Traffic! I watched in despair as my estimated arrival time… Continue reading Psa 37v8 – Be Still

Hab 2v20 – Awkward Silence

Have you ever experienced an awkward silence? I am sure you have. We all know the cringe experience, desperately trying to fill the void with small talk. It’s usually experienced with strangers or acquaintances. But when we know or love someone, there is no awkward silence. The silence is comforting, natural and more frequent. There… Continue reading Hab 2v20 – Awkward Silence

Pro 17v27 – Headlamp

It’s a perfect evening atop the mountain as we enjoy the sun slowly melting beyond the distant hills gilding the valley in a farewell gift of gold. As darkness slowly creeps across the sky, draining all vestiges of colour, we decide to head back. Making our way down the hill, only our headlamps enable us… Continue reading Pro 17v27 – Headlamp

Matt 11v15 – Noisy call

“Hello! What? Sorry, I can’t hear anything you are saying,” I shout as I try and block my ear and press the cell phone harder to my other ear. However, it’s pointless. The noise in the room is too loud. There is no way I can hear a word that the caller is saying. That’s… Continue reading Matt 11v15 – Noisy call

Zep 1v7 – Be silent

We had cycled up a steep mountain track and finally arrived at the top, where a remote campsite was located. When our panting subsided, all we could hear was…nothing. It was incredibly still beside the occasional sound of a bird or gentle rustle of a leaf. It’s that silence that we sometimes refer to as… Continue reading Zep 1v7 – Be silent

Mar 12v41-44 – The sound of generosity

What does generosity sound like? It sounds like butterfly wings gently closing. It sounds like a feather landing on grass. It sounds like light dancing on water. It sounds like…nothing. One day Jesus pointed out the sound of generosity. “Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting… Continue reading Mar 12v41-44 – The sound of generosity

Pro 19:11 – Hold tongue

I recall once being in a car with a group of friends and we were lost. As we continued one person after another would make suggestions on which way to go. And every time it was wrong, causing endless rerouting.There was only one person who never spoke up. He wasn’t from our country and so… Continue reading Pro 19:11 – Hold tongue