1Co 15v52 – In a moment

I’m sitting in an aeroplane, and outside, rain lashes the window while cargo handlers scurry around, bracing themselves against the wind and rain. The weather has been like this for weeks, and it seems it will never change. The thrust of the aircraft’s engines pulls me from my reverie and moments later, we are powering… Continue reading 1Co 15v52 – In a moment

Mat 6v26 – Unfettered and free

We recently visited an eco cabin in the mountains where birds were abundant. They were very playful and comfortable with our presence. As soon as we sat down on the deck, the birds would perch nearby, looking for food. A huge storm was brewing, and I wondered where the birds would go to shelter from… Continue reading Mat 6v26 – Unfettered and free

Dan 9:24 – 70×7

God speaks in many ways – pictures, words, symbols, and numbers. The number 7 represents perfection and rest. But God also uses multiples like 70×7. “Seventy ‘sevens’ are decreed for your people…to bring in everlasting righteousness” (Daniel 9:24). 70×7 speaks of God’s deliverance. In the New Testament, Peter asked Jesus: “Lord, how often shall my… Continue reading Dan 9:24 – 70×7

Exo 34v5 – Named

I was recently at a shop looking at a book about plants in the area. It struck me how, without thinking of the significance, we have a desire to name and know the names of things. Every human, plant, mammal, bird, insect, street, ocean and even star has a name. If life came from nothing… Continue reading Exo 34v5 – Named

Gen 15v1 – Our reward

“$100,000 Reward offered’”. The offer of a monetary reward will motivate most people to do whatever is needed to claim the reward. In fact, most things in life are connected to rewards. You train to run a marathon and get rewarded with a medal. You study for a degree and get rewarded with a degree… Continue reading Gen 15v1 – Our reward

Rom 6v23 – Look up

We are cycling, and I look down and see on the side of the track a small white cross. Grief. Pain Someone lost. I look up at the mountain above; I see a large white cross. Hope. Peace. Jesus found. In our world, wherever we look, we will see loss and pain. Whether our office… Continue reading Rom 6v23 – Look up

Luk 21v28 – The last days

Wars, floods, deadly viruses, earthquakes, famine, people who are lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. There is no doubt we are living in the last days. Even scientists and environmentalists are warning us that unless something changes drastically, this world as we know it is heading for catastrophe. Greed, hatred, envy, selfishness, pride,… Continue reading Luk 21v28 – The last days

Pro 2:7-8 – What’s in store for you?

“Do you know what’s in store for you?” This can be a scary or exciting question depending on the situation. Well, how would you feel if someone said, “I have success in store for you”? While this promise might be made by many people, there is only one who can truly promise success in the… Continue reading Pro 2:7-8 – What’s in store for you?

Phi 3v13-14 – Don’t look back!

It’s the plot twist of many a scary story. The person being told to walk out of the house or leave the car but not to look back. Invariably they do, and some horror lurks behind them. This story plot first happened thousands of years ago when Lot and his family were told by God… Continue reading Phi 3v13-14 – Don’t look back!

Gen 3v15 – The bite

Sometimes the most incredible things happen. One night my brother-in-law was headed to the airport to pick up someone. About an hour later, his wife receives a call. “Your husband is in the ICU. He was…” What comes next is unexpected, “bitten by a snake!” How could a snake bite him driving on a three-lane… Continue reading Gen 3v15 – The bite