Eph 1v4 – Were you chosen?

How would you feel if you were chosen last for a team? It’s not a nice feeling as it implies you are considered to be of the least worth. However, imagine if a super team was being selected – one representing not just your school, town, or country but the world. And imagine if you… Continue reading Eph 1v4 – Were you chosen?

Eph 6v17 – The helmet

We all know how important wearing a helmet is when you go cycling. So how was it, about a year ago, that I was with my wife at the doctor’s as she was getting her ear and face treated after a bike accident? Well, it was a short ride. No need for a helmet. It’s… Continue reading Eph 6v17 – The helmet

Mat 5v8 – You can see God

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” (Matthew 5:8). What an amazing blessing from Jesus. But our hearts are not pure; as we read in Romans 3:10, “There is none righteous, no, not one.” So how is this possible? David gives the answer; “Create in me a pure heart, O God,… Continue reading Mat 5v8 – You can see God

Psa 61v2 – Stuck in the mud

Recently we had crazy amounts of rain fall that caused all sorts of havoc. This resulted in me having to pull out several cars which had gotten mired in thick mud. Having made the mistake before and seeing others make the mistake too, I have learned something vital. It doesn’t matter how powerful your vehicle… Continue reading Psa 61v2 – Stuck in the mud

Luk 21v28 – Look up

How do you picture someone standing who is excited and happy compared to someone who is sad and depressed? When we are happy and excited, we stand up tall and look up. When we are sad and depressed, we hunch over and look down. Our posture reflects our mood. However, our posture can also cause… Continue reading Luk 21v28 – Look up

Isa 61v10 – Waiting for the wedding

Exciting! An invitation to attend a wedding of a close friend. An opportunity to enjoy this ultimate celebration of love. With everyone seated and the soft music weaving an air of excitement and anticipation, we await the bride’s arrival. What will she be wearing? How resplendent will she look in her beautiful dress? We know… Continue reading Isa 61v10 – Waiting for the wedding

Luk 21v28 – The last days

Wars, floods, deadly viruses, earthquakes, famine, people who are lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. There is no doubt we are living in the last days. Even scientists and environmentalists are warning us that unless something changes drastically, this world as we know it is heading for catastrophe. Greed, hatred, envy, selfishness, pride,… Continue reading Luk 21v28 – The last days

Mat 12v20 – Smoking log

Campfire. It’s a word that, for most, will ignite a range of pleasant memories. Stories. Laughter. Friends. Peace. Warmth. Safety. Watching the logs crackle as the orange light dances across the faces of those around the fire brings pure joy. However, sometimes one of the logs starts to smoke, which can ruin the experience. There’s… Continue reading Mat 12v20 – Smoking log

Act 2v40 – Anti-Corruption!

“Former FTX Boss says, ‘I didn’t try to commit fraud’” – “New board to fight corruption and theft of city’s resources“. The news headlines today. Do you get depressed with the corruption in the world and feel there just is no end to this? This isn’t new. Two thousand years ago Peter warned his generation… Continue reading Act 2v40 – Anti-Corruption!