Psa 24v1 – Hearing God

How do we get closer to God? How do we talk to God? How do we hear God? These are questions we’ve all had at some time. Non-believers sometimes ask, “If God spoke to people so often in the Bible, why has he stopped doing so today?” Most Christians would answer that God still speaks… Continue reading Psa 24v1 – Hearing God

Pro 17v27 – Headlamp

It’s a perfect evening atop the mountain as we enjoy the sun slowly melting beyond the distant hills gilding the valley in a farewell gift of gold. As darkness slowly creeps across the sky, draining all vestiges of colour, we decide to head back. Making our way down the hill, only our headlamps enable us… Continue reading Pro 17v27 – Headlamp

Zep 1v7 – Be silent

We had cycled up a steep mountain track and finally arrived at the top, where a remote campsite was located. When our panting subsided, all we could hear was…nothing. It was incredibly still beside the occasional sound of a bird or gentle rustle of a leaf. It’s that silence that we sometimes refer to as… Continue reading Zep 1v7 – Be silent