Psa 50v11 – Know every bird

What is your favourite bird? Mine is the African fish eagle. To hear its cry as it soars high in the heavens is the quintessential sound of Africa. If you are privileged to see it swoop down to catch a fish, it will make your spirit soar. If I had to ask you how many… Continue reading Psa 50v11 – Know every bird

Phi 2v14 – Pulling against you

Our dogs love going for walks. But, it’s not the exercise that excites them but the sniffing. It’s their ultimate entertainment – the dog equivalent of Netflix. We call it Snifflix, and they love to binge. This often results in them pulling against the leash, determined to go their own way. Recently, while walking two… Continue reading Phi 2v14 – Pulling against you

Mar 12v37 – Silly birds

On occasion, we have a crazy bird that comes and visits our car. It perches on the side mirror and then tilts over and sees its reflection. Immediately, it becomes angry at another similar looking rival being in its territory. And so it furiously pecks its equally angry mirror twin. While we can laugh at… Continue reading Mar 12v37 – Silly birds

Psa 95v6 – Warthogs

There are many animals that people are excited to see in game reserves. However, one that is not usually high up on the to-see list is the warthog. These beauty-challenged pig-like animals with their wart protrusions are often ignored as people seek out lions, leopards, elephants and other greater beasts. However, watching them on a… Continue reading Psa 95v6 – Warthogs

Rom 1v20 – The penguins

In the icy Antarctic tundra, emperor penguins huddle together to keep warm. This instinct of flocking together is wired into their DNA. I pondered this as I sat in the snowy Drakensberg mountains, feeling the bite of the frigid breeze. “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have… Continue reading Rom 1v20 – The penguins

Pro 18v24 – The faithful friend

Recently someone I know unexpectedly lost their dog. It was really devastating as the bond between master and dog was remarkable. They loved each other and had been inseparable for many years. Whenever the master left, the dog would wait for his return and joyfully welcome him back. The dog showed the selfless commitment that… Continue reading Pro 18v24 – The faithful friend

Jer 13v23 – Nothing’s changed

We were hiking up a mountain; however, I had chosen the wrong hiking socks, and one kept slipping down. I kept stopping to pull it up, but a few minutes later, it would slip down again. Eventually, I decided to try something different, so I turned the sock around with the heal portion on top.… Continue reading Jer 13v23 – Nothing’s changed