Deu 1v31 – Miracle moments

Having experienced a terrible flood, the new day means light and our best opportunity to escape. After a long walk in the rain and wind carrying a few clothes and two small dogs we arrive at a road. However, a raging river has ripped the road apart, separating us from our destination. With shivering, wet… Continue reading Deu 1v31 – Miracle moments

Pro 24v3-4 – Flooded House

It’s 5:44 am. The waters are still rising around our bed. It’s dark, and the rain continues its torrential downpour. Our entire house is flooded. We had just spent months renovating it and getting it set up to run as an Airbnb. Our first guests had just left and we returned to stay. And now…I… Continue reading Pro 24v3-4 – Flooded House

Joh 4v14 – Dust

One experience you get from camping in Namibia is being constantly surrounded by dust. Your tent, feet, clothes, car all get covered in dust. Etosha gets so dry that they need to create man-made waterholes for the animals to get enough water. All the animals will walk for hours just to get a few sips… Continue reading Joh 4v14 – Dust

Joh 6v67-68 – The waterhole decision

Sitting at a waterhole at Etosha in Namibia, it’s interesting to watch the giraffes. The conditions are harsh and dry, and they all need water. Yet some stay far away, not daring to come near, while some confidently walk to the water and drink, while others walk right to the edge and then, after a… Continue reading Joh 6v67-68 – The waterhole decision

Phi 4v7 – Peace in the flood

We recently experienced very heavy rains for several days, which resulted in lots of flooding in our village. A flooding river changed course and caused lots of destruction. We prayed for God’s care. Just before we attempted to drive down our long gravel driveway, which had become a raging river reaching up to the doors… Continue reading Phi 4v7 – Peace in the flood

Eph 1v18 – Light in my eyes

We are standing looking at a waterfall plummeting into a deep dark pool. The timing is such that the sun is just dipping behind the mountain behind the waterfall, causing the bright light to shine directly into our eyes. While we have been to this waterfall many times before, today we notice something else –… Continue reading Eph 1v18 – Light in my eyes

Pro 21v30 – Soft vs hard

It’s soft, beautiful, and life-giving and appears to be able to be contained and controlled by hard materials like concrete and steel…until it isn’t, as we found out. A massive amount of rain had fallen on the nearby mountains, and soon the water was rushing down everywhere to our village below. Channels built to contain… Continue reading Pro 21v30 – Soft vs hard

Joh 7v38 – Succulents

Succulents are one of my favourite plants – probably because they are so good at taking care of themselves and are so easy to propagate. One of the unique qualities of succulents is their ability to store extra water in their leaves, stems, and roots, allowing them to survive prolonged periods between waterings. They contain… Continue reading Joh 7v38 – Succulents

Joh 7v37 – Thirsty!

Social media content creators will tell you photos or reels with clear blue water get more likes than most other posts. There is just something special about water. We are naturally attracted to its beauty. Maybe it is because water is essential for our survival. Our human body is made of approximately 60% water. We… Continue reading Joh 7v37 – Thirsty!

Jer 2v13 – The empty dam

Nearby where we live is a small dam that we sometimes run past. While the water level fluctuates with the season and rains, this year, with the arrival of the winter rains, the dam did not fill. It leaks and now is simply a big hole with some mud on the bottom – unsightly and… Continue reading Jer 2v13 – The empty dam