Eph 1v18 – Turn the light on

It’s crazy how you can easily walk around your home in the light, but everything changes if it’s dark. While you have a general idea of direction, unexpected items easily trip us. It’s even worse if you walk in the dark in an unfamiliar space. You quickly become disoriented and easily bump into things. The… Continue reading Eph 1v18 – Turn the light on

2Co 4v7 – The Trapped Log

Walking along the seawall, I see a massive log trapped between the tide and the shore. This huge log could be used to hold up a house or a bridge. Yet, it seems like the tide and the waves are determined to destroy it. Despite its size, eventually, it will break apart and disappear into… Continue reading 2Co 4v7 – The Trapped Log

Mat 5v14-16 – The Christ lens

“Should I start writing Gospel Bites?” was the question I wrestled with. “Where will I get the inspiration? I don’t travel enough to write adventure lessons, and I haven’t studied the Bible enough to share Biblical themes.” I limited myself based on my perceptions. A few months and several Gospel Bites later, and my perspective… Continue reading Mat 5v14-16 – The Christ lens

Joh 8v12 – The light

Isn’t it fascinating how flying brings a unique perspective? No matter the weather below, it’s always sunny above the clouds. It is like the saying, “There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.” Life isn’t always a ‘sunny ride’ and doesn’t always go according to our plan. However, it’s important to remember that… Continue reading Joh 8v12 – The light

Eph 1v18 – Light in my eyes

We are standing looking at a waterfall plummeting into a deep dark pool. The timing is such that the sun is just dipping behind the mountain behind the waterfall, causing the bright light to shine directly into our eyes. While we have been to this waterfall many times before, today we notice something else –… Continue reading Eph 1v18 – Light in my eyes

2Co 4v6 – Rainbow gems

“Diamonds are forever.” This clever marketing phrase encourages millions to buy this precious gem as an eternal symbol of love. The allure of forever and its rainbow sparkle are enough to create the desire. However, it’s only recently that scientists have been able to really look closely at gems. By shining a special pure light… Continue reading 2Co 4v6 – Rainbow gems

Dan 9:24 – 70×7

God speaks in many ways – pictures, words, symbols, and numbers. The number 7 represents perfection and rest. But God also uses multiples like 70×7. “Seventy ‘sevens’ are decreed for your people…to bring in everlasting righteousness” (Daniel 9:24). 70×7 speaks of God’s deliverance. In the New Testament, Peter asked Jesus: “Lord, how often shall my… Continue reading Dan 9:24 – 70×7

Psa 23v4 – 82 and alone

“I am so blessed,” she says as I listen to her voice message. “God is amazing”, she concludes with joy as her message ends. At 82 years of age and living alone, you might think Rosemary has shared a message about some windfall gain or other fortuitous event. However, she has just told me about… Continue reading Psa 23v4 – 82 and alone

Luk 1v78-79 – Son light

I watched a YouTube video of a travel couple trying a new technique that had been proven to make you happier, give you better sleep and a range of other benefits. All you have to do is sit in the sun for a few minutes after waking up. This is due to the effect sunlight… Continue reading Luk 1v78-79 – Son light

Joh 8v12 – Influencer

It would be unbelievable if it weren’t true. When he made his first post, he had hardly any followers, but after a while, his follower count started to climb as people enjoyed his messages. After three years, he had attracted thousands of followers. He looked destined to become an influencer who would even impact rulers… Continue reading Joh 8v12 – Influencer