Joh 5v39-40 – I love the idea of

Have you ever met someone who reads every book and watches every documentary on health and fitness? They constantly talk about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. However, they seldom engage in exercise and tend to eat unhealthy foods. They are more in love with the idea of being healthy rather than practising healthy habits… Continue reading Joh 5v39-40 – I love the idea of

Joh17v3 – The key to eternal life

We can be confused about many things in our walk as God’s children. But if the thing I seek most is to experience the gift of God’s eternal life, what should I do? Jesus made it very clear what is required for eternal life. “Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only… Continue reading Joh17v3 – The key to eternal life

Joh 1v1 – Capisci? Understand?

Is language essential for a true relationship? I contemplated this as we travelled through Italy for our honeymoon. We struggled to make connections with the people we met. This was exemplified in our relationship with our hotel shuttle driver. He told us he was from West Africa, so we shared a common African heritage. He… Continue reading Joh 1v1 – Capisci? Understand?

Jam 4v8 – Merry Go-Rounds

Have you been on a play park merry-go-round? To enjoy it, some people sit on the ride while one person spins it as fast as they can. As the ride spins, those sitting close to the centre feel stable while those sitting towards the edge feel the pull and have the greater risk of being… Continue reading Jam 4v8 – Merry Go-Rounds

Luk 14v21 – You are invited

“It’s with joy that we would like to invite you to the wedding of…” There is something wonderful about receiving an invitation to a celebration, especially a wedding. Life is so full of bad news, and so an opportunity to celebrate is truly special. However, while some will go out of their way to attend,… Continue reading Luk 14v21 – You are invited

Luk 23v42 – Do you remember me?

Have you ever been in a situation where you meet or see someone and think to yourself, wow, that person looks familiar, maybe, maybe not? And then, if you realise who they are, you certainly can’t remember their name. Why do we remember some people and forget others? It is often those we have had… Continue reading Luk 23v42 – Do you remember me?

Luk 10:36 – Go and do likewise

“The Good Samaritan” is a well-known parable. It is clear and easy to understand – be like the Samaritan and show love, empathy, and kindness to others. Simple right? The simple messages are often the most profound yet easily overlooked in our lives. I was reminded of this during my recent marathon attempt when I… Continue reading Luk 10:36 – Go and do likewise

Pro 8v17 – Dating God

A popular relationship advice phrase is: “Never stop dating your partner”. This points to the importance of purposefully taking time out of our busy lives to spend as much quality time with our partners as possible. Doing this will help build a stronger and more meaningful relationship. It made me think about how often we… Continue reading Pro 8v17 – Dating God

Rev 3v20 – Do you know Jesus

Do you know about Jesus? It’s a simple question, and I’m sure most people, despite what they believe, will say they do. Do you know Jesus? At first glance, the question may seem the same. And we might give the same answer. We all know about a lot of things. You might know about electricity,… Continue reading Rev 3v20 – Do you know Jesus

1Co 11v1 – Imitate Me

We’ve found an empty spot away from the crowded viewpoint to watch the sunset. Before long, the first car pulls up. Although there are countless other viewpoints, they want to see what our view is like, purely because we are there. We stop in a game reserve to look at an animal, and again, before… Continue reading 1Co 11v1 – Imitate Me