Psa 32v8 – A dangerous prayer

Matthew Perry, the Friends sitcom star, died from a drug overdose after years of struggling with depression and substance abuse. For those looking from the outside, all they saw was a fantastic actor who enjoyed success and fame. Why did it end so tragically? In an interview, he shared a prayer he once prayed –… Continue reading Psa 32v8 – A dangerous prayer

Exo 13v17-18 – God’s Roundabout way

Have you prayed for something, and it seemed like God was doing the opposite of what you asked for? Or maybe the events that took place seemed to have no bearing on what you prayed about. Just after Moses led Israel in a miraculous way out of captivity on their journey to the promised land,… Continue reading Exo 13v17-18 – God’s Roundabout way

Psa 37v7 – Still as stone

Are you waiting for something from God? As humans, we are generally not very good at waiting. We read Bible stories that, within a few verses or chapters, talk about a prayer and a response. However, often the gap is months or even years apart. Abraham and Sarah waited 25 years for God to answer… Continue reading Psa 37v7 – Still as stone

Dan 10v12 – God already heard you

Do you sometimes pray and pray, and God doesn’t seem to hear? It would be amazing if we could peek into Heaven and see if God is actually listening. Daniel saw something that troubled him so much that he fasted and prayed for three weeks. No answer. But then we get a glimpse into heaven… Continue reading Dan 10v12 – God already heard you

Psa 27v14 – The waiting gap

I’m not very good at waiting. There’s a certain acceptable time, and then the waiting should be over. But while we might get exasperated with waiting for the ordinary things of life, what about waiting for God? We have asked God to help us – we have prayed for something, and still, we are waiting.… Continue reading Psa 27v14 – The waiting gap

Heb 10v24-25 – The budget

Have you ever drawn up a personal budget? While it is a basic concept of income less expenses, expenses must also be divided into discretionary (optional) vs non-discretionary (necessary) spending. Identifying which costs fall into each category is interesting as it makes you consider what is essential. Are donations discretionary or non-discretionary? What about your… Continue reading Heb 10v24-25 – The budget

Luk 11v13 – Answered prayer

We were visiting Etosha Game Reserve in Namibia. My daughter’s boyfriend had never seen a lion in the wild. I prayed to God that if it was his will, could he please lead us to see a lion. We were on our final day, heading toward the gate, and we still hadn’t seen any lions.… Continue reading Luk 11v13 – Answered prayer

Psa 13v5-6 – No reply

Have you experienced being “blue ticked”? It’s when you send someone a message on WhatsApp, and it gets two blue ticks that indicate it has been delivered and read, but there is no reply. It can be really frustrating if you are waiting for an answer. It feels like the person is simply ignoring you… Continue reading Psa 13v5-6 – No reply

Rom 10v13 – Crying out

While travelling through Turkey, there is one thing you can’t miss. Every day, a loud call is broadcasted across the city five times throughout the day. It serves as a reminder for everyone to engage in prayer. It started as early as 3:30 am, which caused me to wake up a few times. It may… Continue reading Rom 10v13 – Crying out

Luk 22v39 – As usual

Would you rather prepare a meal for 100 people for one day or for one person for 100 days? While the meal for so many at once is a challenge, most would choose that because it’s a big effort once rather than a long commitment. One-offs are a lot easier than long commitments. And this… Continue reading Luk 22v39 – As usual