Mar 12v37 – Silly birds

On occasion, we have a crazy bird that comes and visits our car. It perches on the side mirror and then tilts over and sees its reflection. Immediately, it becomes angry at another similar looking rival being in its territory. And so it furiously pecks its equally angry mirror twin. While we can laugh at… Continue reading Mar 12v37 – Silly birds

Pro 18v21 – Gossip or Gospel

When you open your mouth, what comes out? Gos… How would you finish this word? It makes a huge difference. Gos…sip or Gos…pel. When the words are spoken, they both may have the same sweet taste in the mouth. Gossip – Did you hear what Tanya said to her friends? Gospel – Did you hear… Continue reading Pro 18v21 – Gossip or Gospel

Pro 17v27 – Headlamp

It’s a perfect evening atop the mountain as we enjoy the sun slowly melting beyond the distant hills gilding the valley in a farewell gift of gold. As darkness slowly creeps across the sky, draining all vestiges of colour, we decide to head back. Making our way down the hill, only our headlamps enable us… Continue reading Pro 17v27 – Headlamp

Eph 4v32 – Be careful little tongue

There is a song I used to enjoy singing with the children at Sunday School. “O Be careful little tongue what you say. O be careful little tongue what you say. For the Father up above Is looking down in love. So, be careful little tongue, what you say.” But how much more appropriate is… Continue reading Eph 4v32 – Be careful little tongue

Pro 26v20 – The Self-Help Expert

A simple Google search of self-help books will come up with various options to improve your life for the right price. Thousands of years before Kindle and Amazon became digital libraries, there was a different best-selling book of its time, the book of Proverbs.  Back then, there was one influencer whose teachings brought wisdom to… Continue reading Pro 26v20 – The Self-Help Expert

Pro 4v23 – The water source

According to the World Health Organization, cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, polio, and other illnesses are linked to contaminated water! Water is life, but contaminated water is death. It’s vital, therefore, to have a safe water source because everything else flows from it. How safe is your water source? Not the one that flows… Continue reading Pro 4v23 – The water source

Pro 17:9 – Juicy gossip

“Did you hear what Susie did at Tom’s party?” It’s enough to get everyone to stop talking and lean in to listen. What is it about gossip that we are drawn to it like flies to dung? One of the most binge-watched series on Netflix was Gossip girls. Gossip may be as sweet as honey… Continue reading Pro 17:9 – Juicy gossip

Mat 12:36 – Idle Words

“Pass me the salt.” “Please put that box upstairs.” “Drive to this address.” All of these are simple everyday instructions, yet have you considered what is actually happening? Without you physically moving or touching anything or anyone, physical items – salt, box, car, person – are moving from one place to another. That’s the power… Continue reading Mat 12:36 – Idle Words