2Tim 3v1-5 – The Terrible Times list

If you had to describe what is wrong with society today, what would you put at the top of the list? Two thousand years ago, the Bible in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 gave us the list. It’s a list of what people would be like in the “terrible time in the last days”. And topping the… Continue reading 2Tim 3v1-5 – The Terrible Times list

Hos 6v3 – Ruined!

“He is totally ruined!” It’s terrible to see this happen, and even worse if it happens to us. But what can destroy us? Loss of money, career, health, family. But there is one item we would not usually include in the list of life destroyers, but God includes it. “My people are destroyed from lack… Continue reading Hos 6v3 – Ruined!

Psa 16v2-3 – My Heroes

Everyone likes a hero. A person admired for their courage and outstanding achievements. It’s the genre of many popular movies. But outside of movies, we also have heroes, from sports heroes to political heroes to cultural heroes. They are people who, in our eyes, are amazing. Take a moment and think about who you consider… Continue reading Psa 16v2-3 – My Heroes

Pro 11v17 – Love always

One of the greatest gifts and lessons our Christian faith gives us is to always “love your neighbour.” What does this truly mean, though? Well, it doesn’t just mean to love those who are around you but also those you may never encounter again. Proverbs reinforces this mindset, stating, “The merciful man does himself good,… Continue reading Pro 11v17 – Love always

1Jo 4v8 – Child of God

I stopped believing in God because…My church fights all the time. Christians murdered innocent victims in holy wars. Christians are hypocrites. If this is how so-called “children of God” behave, I want no part of God. Is this your story or a friend’s story? However, are these people really God’s children? “Whoever says, “I know… Continue reading 1Jo 4v8 – Child of God

Psa 16v6 – No limits

Jeep’s slogan is “live without limits”. While this sounds like fun for those seeking adventures, it’s a disaster as a life slogan. Our world is increasingly adopting this slogan. People can behave in any way they want. Define themselves in any way they want. Indulge in anything they want. But it’s not new. Thousands of… Continue reading Psa 16v6 – No limits

Isa 55v12 – Bursting with love and joy

Some things can’t be contained. The joy of true friends’ laughter. The peace in a scene painted by a divine hand. The Love of a wedding celebration blessed by God. The emotions burst out unconfined. Love, and joy, and peace coarse through every fibre of our being, bursting out in laughter and radiant faces. “You… Continue reading Isa 55v12 – Bursting with love and joy

Rev 22v7 – The wedding day

It seems like it’s a day always in the future. Sure, it will come, but one day in the future. And then, slowly, slowly, suddenly, it’s here. The wedding day has arrived. It’s almost too much to take in. Today is the day. It’s a scene from God’s postcard. Mountains rise majestically in the distance… Continue reading Rev 22v7 – The wedding day

Luk 14v21 – You are invited

“It’s with joy that we would like to invite you to the wedding of…” There is something wonderful about receiving an invitation to a celebration, especially a wedding. Life is so full of bad news, and so an opportunity to celebrate is truly special. However, while some will go out of their way to attend,… Continue reading Luk 14v21 – You are invited

Isa 62v5 – Best day ever

Is the day you get married the best day of your life? I recently got engaged, and there is nothing more exciting than knowing I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and that I will always have someone there for me in every area of my life. However, this… Continue reading Isa 62v5 – Best day ever