Luk 2v10-11 – I bring you good news

In the darkness, a light shines out. In the silence, an angel’s shout. “I bring you good news, great joy for all.” To their knees, the shepherds did fall. “Today in David‘s town, a Saviour is born”. The angel declares as heaven’s veil is torn. “He is the Messiah. He is the Lord.” Heavenly voices… Continue reading Luk 2v10-11 – I bring you good news

Dan 10v12 – God already heard you

Do you sometimes pray and pray, and God doesn’t seem to hear? It would be amazing if we could peek into Heaven and see if God is actually listening. Daniel saw something that troubled him so much that he fasted and prayed for three weeks. No answer. But then we get a glimpse into heaven… Continue reading Dan 10v12 – God already heard you

Psa 91v2 – Amazing Flying

I’m flying, and the pilot comes on and says we are travelling 10km high up in the sky at 1000 km/ h. Outside, the temperature is -30c. Yet here I sit writing this gospel bite, totally comfortable. It’s crazy. It’s only because I’m encased in this metal flying bird that this is possible. Outside the… Continue reading Psa 91v2 – Amazing Flying

Eph 2v6 – Ticket for God’s Airline

Flying has become a part of many people’s lives today. But as more people fly so, more cost-cutting measures are put in place. So now, with our limited budget, I am not surprised when I settle down in what is appropriately called “cattle class”. It’s a modern miracle how they can squish so many people… Continue reading Eph 2v6 – Ticket for God’s Airline

Psa 121v1-2 – Look above the mountains

Awe-inspiring. We are staying at a rustic cabin nestled at the base of majestic mountains rising like giant sentinels toward the azure blue sky. The recent rains have caused multiple silky waterfalls to plummet down the steep cliffs, creating an otherworldly scene. I can see why people look at mountains and feel close to God.… Continue reading Psa 121v1-2 – Look above the mountains

Eph 5v14 – Dream World

For my son to participate in the university’s program, we must crawl through a narrow space. “This is crazy”, I think as we slither on our bellies. I awake. It’s a silly dream. Dream worlds are informed by our waking world, but why do we have to obey our waking world’s rules? I could have… Continue reading Eph 5v14 – Dream World

Luk 21v28 – Look up

How do you picture someone standing who is excited and happy compared to someone who is sad and depressed? When we are happy and excited, we stand up tall and look up. When we are sad and depressed, we hunch over and look down. Our posture reflects our mood. However, our posture can also cause… Continue reading Luk 21v28 – Look up

Rev 21:27 – The book life

When I was young I remember bringing my “Book of Life” to the local bank to open my first bank account. The Book of Life was an apartheid South African government project to keep track of its citizens with more than the usual citizen records. The project failed and eventually the government settled for the… Continue reading Rev 21:27 – The book life

Jer 29v11 – Drone view

I recently stayed at a picturesque cottage, which had breathtaking views of the ocean. While I was relaxing on the deck, admiring the scenery, a pod of dolphins gracefully swam by. My boyfriend quickly launched his drone, providing us with an extraordinary aerial view of the dolphins, allowing us to witness their beauty in great… Continue reading Jer 29v11 – Drone view

Heb 3v7-8 – God’s accent

“Hey Siri, please call my friend Pierre” “Sure,” the clever AI app replies, “calling your friend beer”. “No, not beer! Pierre!” “I’m sorry, Calling your friend fear.” “Never mind, I’ll just call him later.” “Okay. Let me know if you need help with anything else.” The AI apps on our phones while helpful, are irritating… Continue reading Heb 3v7-8 – God’s accent