Lev 19v9-10 – Take or leave?

Have you ever watched a competition show, like a cooking challenge, where the contestants must race into the pantry and grab as many ingredients as they can to give themselves the best chance at winning? In a winner-takes-all world, success is often determined and defined by those who take the most. It’s quite simply; those… Continue reading Lev 19v9-10 – Take or leave?

Col 3v12 – How are you different?

I had this challenging thought the other day – “In my day-to-day life, how do I live differently from someone who doesn’t know Jesus?”. We often talk about actions speaking louder than words, but do I live a life that mirrors Jesus? When I’m late, and a taxi cuts in front of me, and now… Continue reading Col 3v12 – How are you different?

Heb 10v24 – The Ultimate Reality Show

Do you want to be in the ultimate reality show? You’ve heard of popular shows like Survivor, where the challenge is to outwit, outplay, and outlast the rest. Or other challenge shows like The Amazing Race or Home Makeover. Well, you’re invited to the Love and Good Deeds challenge. This two thousand-year-long running challenge is… Continue reading Heb 10v24 – The Ultimate Reality Show

Luk 11v13 – Giving Good Gifts

Your five-year-old son runs into the house and asks you for a drink of water. Will you give him poison? It’s a crazy question. Of course not. We will give him clean, pure water to quench his thirst. You are completely stressed out, unsure of what to do and not sleeping well. You are so… Continue reading Luk 11v13 – Giving Good Gifts

Luk 10:36 – Go and do likewise

“The Good Samaritan” is a well-known parable. It is clear and easy to understand – be like the Samaritan and show love, empathy, and kindness to others. Simple right? The simple messages are often the most profound yet easily overlooked in our lives. I was reminded of this during my recent marathon attempt when I… Continue reading Luk 10:36 – Go and do likewise

Pro 17v17 – Do you value your friends?

We don’t realise how important community is until we need it. Your community comes in all shapes and sizes, from your immediate family to colleagues, to your town and your church. We underestimate these support structures until something tragic happens, like an illness or devastating flood, as many have experienced recently in the Western Cape.… Continue reading Pro 17v17 – Do you value your friends?

Deu 8v10 – Praise God

Is your life filled with God’s abundance? When God brought Israel into the promised land, he gave them a land with streams; a land with wheat and barley, vines and figs, olive oil and honey; a land where bread was not scarce and where they lacked nothing (Deuteronomy 8:7-9). Moses told them, “When you have… Continue reading Deu 8v10 – Praise God

Luk 12v48 – Consumers

This is astounding. The average person in their lifetime consumes about 200,000 kilograms of food – that’s equivalent to a herd of 20 elephants. We consume 1 million litres of water – about 400 swimming pools. We consume 100,000 megawatt hours of energy – equivalent to powering a smartphone for about 450,000 years. We consume… Continue reading Luk 12v48 – Consumers

2Sa 5v12 – Great for others

What are you great at? It could be sports, academics, business, communicating, organising, cooking – the list is endless. We all have talents that make us good at something. This may turn into our career, causing us to rise to the top of our profession, or it may be a skill we use in our… Continue reading 2Sa 5v12 – Great for others

Pro 15v23 – The farewell

It’s the end. Friends are sharing their eulogies. My eulogies. I listen as they give thanks for what I did, and say how much they will miss me. It’s lovely to hear. No, I am not dead, but it is the end of my 40-year association with my university, where I was first a student… Continue reading Pro 15v23 – The farewell