Psa 37v23-24 – God’s Control

Recently, I woke up at 3 a.m. and then battled to fall asleep. Despite all my best efforts, my brain wouldn’t switch off. The problem is that the more we try to fall asleep, the longer we stay awake. It is only when we let go of our trying that sleep finally comes. It seems… Continue reading Psa 37v23-24 – God’s Control

Deu 31v8 – Change

Change can be difficult, for some certainly more than others. We’ve never stayed in one place for too long, but when the opportunity arose to travel more, we took it. Some of the usual criticisms of constant travel that people raise came to mind – “It’s good to have a place to hang your coat”… Continue reading Deu 31v8 – Change

Joh 8v12 – The light

Isn’t it fascinating how flying brings a unique perspective? No matter the weather below, it’s always sunny above the clouds. It is like the saying, “There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.” Life isn’t always a ‘sunny ride’ and doesn’t always go according to our plan. However, it’s important to remember that… Continue reading Joh 8v12 – The light

Isa 42v16 – Worn path

I was walking between our house and my daughter and son-in-law’s house, which is nearby, and I noticed how there is a worn path in the grass marking the route we all seem to take. Typically the reason for a worn path is because this is the shortest and easiest route between two points. As… Continue reading Isa 42v16 – Worn path

Jer 29v11 – The missed game

A Champions League football final! What are the chances I would be in the same city at the same time? My excitement grows as a lifelong dream seems to be coming true, and then boom, tickets sold out before I could even picture seeing my favourite players kick the ball about. The lesson is sometimes… Continue reading Jer 29v11 – The missed game

Psa 16v11 – You have arrived

“Turn right in one kilometre. Continue straight. Turn left.” We are travelling to where we will stay for two nights and following Google’s directions. However, as we continue, the area begins to look worse and worse. Silently we are all hoping that this is just an area we are driving through until Google cheerfully declares,… Continue reading Psa 16v11 – You have arrived

Pro 1v7 – The beginning…

The first kiss of newlyweds. A newborn child held by parents. Spring blossoms on a tree. There is something special about beginnings. Beginnings are about hope and a future. Beginnings are about life and potential. However, beginnings can also be about despair, fear, loss, and regret. What makes the difference is not how we start,… Continue reading Pro 1v7 – The beginning…

Pro 16:9 – Walking God’s way

There is a proverb attributed to Benjamin Franklin – “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. This is so true in life. We need to have goals and plans to reach our goals. However, there is another proverb written by Solomon thousands of years earlier. “In their hearts, humans plan their course,… Continue reading Pro 16:9 – Walking God’s way

Psa 119:105 – Lighted path

We are camping in our roof top tent on the rim of the Fish River canyon. Meters away a sheer cliff plunges down to the majestic canyon below. It’s stunning. That is until it’s dark. Now without light the majestic canyon turns into a gaping dark crevasse. However, our camp lights illuminate the area around… Continue reading Psa 119:105 – Lighted path

Pro 3:5-6 – The app

“There’s a lovely walk in the forest here.” These are the words that started our unplanned hike. However, it wasn’t long before we were unsure of which way to go. It’s then that I remembered I had an app on my phone that has maps of trails. Using this, we found the way. Further along… Continue reading Pro 3:5-6 – The app