Mat 24v21-22 – The last few miles

As a runner who has run races from 5 kilometres to marathons, one thing is always the same – the last few kilometres always feel so long. Whether it’s running kilometres 4 to 5 or kilometres 40 to 42, it seems like the end will never come. It feels like you are being tested to… Continue reading Mat 24v21-22 – The last few miles

Joh 8v36 – The drowned frog

I noticed a dead frog floating in the small tub we filled with water for our water-loving aqua dog to cool down in. The issue was that the frog, attracted by the irresistible allure of the water, could hop in, but it couldn’t get out. And so, sadly, the very thing it most desired would… Continue reading Joh 8v36 – The drowned frog

Rev 5v12 – It’s all about sacrifice

“It makes no sense”, I think as I head out at 5 am for a long training run. “Why can’t I just stay fit?” I don’t want to do this run. But, if I want to have any chance at finishing my upcoming marathon, I have to put in the effort. Sacrifice is key to… Continue reading Rev 5v12 – It’s all about sacrifice

Psa 62v8 – Trust God always

Do you trust God? Most Christians would answer, “Yes”. Do you trust God at all times? Now, this may be harder to answer. When life is going well, we can quickly begin to trust our bank balance or, our health or our intellect. God isn’t forgotten; it’s just we don’t need him now. But what… Continue reading Psa 62v8 – Trust God always

Psa 105v17-19 – Testing of character

Why do things go wrong in life? When one issue after another arises, we can find it difficult. In the story of Joseph, as a young boy, his brothers sell him as a slave. He serves a master who likes him, only to have his master’s wife lie about him, so he’s thrown in prison.… Continue reading Psa 105v17-19 – Testing of character

2Co 4v7 – The Trapped Log

Walking along the seawall, I see a massive log trapped between the tide and the shore. This huge log could be used to hold up a house or a bridge. Yet, it seems like the tide and the waves are determined to destroy it. Despite its size, eventually, it will break apart and disappear into… Continue reading 2Co 4v7 – The Trapped Log

Mat 5v44-45 – Not a normal love

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows “mighty vengeance” against Hamas“(BBC). “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Jesus – Matthew 5:44). It’s hard to comprehend these two sentences together. After the violence perpetrated on innocent people in Israel, our natural response is vengeance. But God says he is the… Continue reading Mat 5v44-45 – Not a normal love

Psa 91v11 – Divine Care

On a warm Sunday afternoon in September, while enjoying a barbecue, we noticed thick black smoke coming from our neighbour’s property. Going across, we found a wooden cabin in flames. By the time the flames were extinguished, it was just a shell. Thankfully, the tenant, a young student, was out, but all his belongings were… Continue reading Psa 91v11 – Divine Care

Mat 24v12-13 – Strong start weak finish

I recently watched a stage of the Tour de France. One of the cyclists was amazing as he pulled away and held the lead for over 50km. The final 3km was a huge hill, but he was over two minutes ahead of the second rider. His win was guaranteed. However, as the hill wore on,… Continue reading Mat 24v12-13 – Strong start weak finish

1Th 5v16-18 – Thank You

Thank You. Two words we all love to hear, yet how often do we say it? Gratitude is not only one of the most beautiful attributes we can have, it’s also one of the most calming and restoring. While most of us can be thankful for good things and in good times, gratitude is most… Continue reading 1Th 5v16-18 – Thank You