Hos 14v4 – Returning to God

Today, God has a powerful message for you. Hosea shares our way back to God when our sins have led us astray. What was Israel’s sin? “Assyria cannot save us; we will not mount warhorses. We will never again say ‘Our gods’ to what our own hands have made.“ (Hosea 14:3). Just like Israel, we… Continue reading Hos 14v4 – Returning to God

Joh 5v39-40 – I love the idea of

Have you ever met someone who reads every book and watches every documentary on health and fitness? They constantly talk about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. However, they seldom engage in exercise and tend to eat unhealthy foods. They are more in love with the idea of being healthy rather than practising healthy habits… Continue reading Joh 5v39-40 – I love the idea of

Col 3v12 – How are you different?

I had this challenging thought the other day – “In my day-to-day life, how do I live differently from someone who doesn’t know Jesus?”. We often talk about actions speaking louder than words, but do I live a life that mirrors Jesus? When I’m late, and a taxi cuts in front of me, and now… Continue reading Col 3v12 – How are you different?

Mar 12v37 – Silly birds

On occasion, we have a crazy bird that comes and visits our car. It perches on the side mirror and then tilts over and sees its reflection. Immediately, it becomes angry at another similar looking rival being in its territory. And so it furiously pecks its equally angry mirror twin. While we can laugh at… Continue reading Mar 12v37 – Silly birds

Job 37v14 – Stop!

Monday morning. I glance at my diary for the day. It’s packed full. I look at the time. It’s 5:27 pm. Where did the day go? Hopefully, tomorrow I will have more time. Monday morning. A week has passed. I glance at my diary for the day. It’s packed full. We are all familiar with… Continue reading Job 37v14 – Stop!

Heb 10v24-25 – The budget

Have you ever drawn up a personal budget? While it is a basic concept of income less expenses, expenses must also be divided into discretionary (optional) vs non-discretionary (necessary) spending. Identifying which costs fall into each category is interesting as it makes you consider what is essential. Are donations discretionary or non-discretionary? What about your… Continue reading Heb 10v24-25 – The budget

Psa 143v8 – Meditating on Psalms

I have found so much inspiration, hope and encouragement from the book of Psalms. Memorising some of your favourite verses can help you as you face life’s challenges. Today I would like us to meditate on some of the words of David in Psalm 143. David offers us sound wisdom on how we should approach… Continue reading Psa 143v8 – Meditating on Psalms

Pro 25v2 – The Conclusion

Just get to the point. Just skip to the conclusion. Just give me the answer. Because who wants the details anyway? We live in a time where the average attention span is less than the duration of this sentence. Where instant gratification is the reigning desire, but enough with the musings; just get to the… Continue reading Pro 25v2 – The Conclusion

Luk 5v31-32 – No room for improvement

A house typically has many rooms. A room for preparing meals. A room for sleeping in. A room for ablutions. But there is one room every house needs, and while some think they don’t need it, it should be the biggest room of all. It’s the room for improvement. We are the house, and whatever… Continue reading Luk 5v31-32 – No room for improvement

1Sa 16v7 – Painting the house

We walk past an old house that has been painted and the garden cleaned. It looks amazing. However, on going inside, we discover a totally different scene. The walls have peeling paint. The rooms are cluttered with rubbish. There are signs of leaking. While the outside might impress, anyone who ventures inside soon sees the… Continue reading 1Sa 16v7 – Painting the house