Isa 28v20 – A Bed too short

The global mattress market is valued at over $30 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money invested in beds! Yet despite this huge investment, billions of additional dollars are spent on sleep medication. However, the average number of sleep hours has decreased by approx. 2 hours l since last century. And so, despite our comfy… Continue reading Isa 28v20 – A Bed too short

Ecc 1v14 – Going nowhere fast

Recently, as there was no time pressure, I was enjoying a slow drive home, taking in the scenery. It wasn’t long before cars came racing past me. Obviously, they had somewhere they needed to be. I understood the need to race somewhere as it’s seldom we can be going somewhere slowly. It reminded me of… Continue reading Ecc 1v14 – Going nowhere fast

Psa 3v5-6 – The Bed

There’s nothing nicer after a long and tiring day than to finally get into bed. Especially on those days when you have been on your feet all day, and by the end you are physically and mentally exhausted. The weight is literally removed, and beautiful rest can be enjoyed. Although, it’s now that I can’t… Continue reading Psa 3v5-6 – The Bed

Matt 11v28 – His path

To save time, on our mountain hike, we decided to head straight up the tree line instead of taking the contour path. The hike was tough and steep and filled with boulders and branches to clamber over. With no energy for conversation or time to look at the view, we pushed on. Two-thirds of the… Continue reading Matt 11v28 – His path

Joh 4v14 – The river

We were driving through the countryside. It was summer, the dry season. The sun was scorching, and the surrounding farmlands were dry and barren. We reached a hiking trail to a waterfall high up in the mountain. After the dry and thirsty landscape, the contrast was remarkable.  A cool, lush indigenous forest clustered around a… Continue reading Joh 4v14 – The river

Mat 11v28 – His rest

You are going on a long journey and feeling really tired. All you want to do is sleep. The good news is your friend, who is driving, is an excellent driver. He encourages you to sleep peacefully, and he will bring you safely to your destination. It is such bliss to close your eyes, fully… Continue reading Mat 11v28 – His rest

Heb 4v3 – Entering His rest

Describe your life at the moment. Anxious, overwhelmed, fearful of your finances, your health or your future? Lots of giant problems, making you anxious and robbing you of your peace of mind and heart? Israel felt the same way heading into the promised land. The wilderness was hot and uncomfortable. The land they were heading… Continue reading Heb 4v3 – Entering His rest