Eph 6v17 – The helmet

We all know how important wearing a helmet is when you go cycling. So how was it, about a year ago, that I was with my wife at the doctor’s as she was getting her ear and face treated after a bike accident? Well, it was a short ride. No need for a helmet. It’s… Continue reading Eph 6v17 – The helmet

Nah 1v7 – Trust Him

I’m running, but it’s pointless. The fire roaring through the forest is already passing me on both sides. Choking tendrils of smoke reach out to me as a wave of heat blasts at me. Suddenly up ahead, someone appears standing outside a small wooden hut. “Come inside,” he says. I hesitate. The fire will incinerate… Continue reading Nah 1v7 – Trust Him

Amo 8v1 – The famine!

Famine. Most of us living in first-world countries only know what this means conceptually. For us, food is everywhere whenever we want it. Yet, despite this, we are starving. We are in the midst of the worst famine ever. A famine that is causing despair, suffering, and death, and we don’t even realize what’s killing… Continue reading Amo 8v1 – The famine!

Pro 19v24 – Your favorite meal

Imagine you have invited a friend around for dinner. You’ve spent hours preparing their favourite food. Finally, you are all seated and the food is served. It’s perfect. You look with joy and anticipation at your friend to see their response as they lower their fork to take their first mouthful. If it’s art on… Continue reading Pro 19v24 – Your favorite meal

Deu 11v18-19 – G.I.G.O.

In my early days learning about computer programming, we were taught about the GIGO principle – Garbage In, Garbage Out. It meant that if the computer program allowed bad data to be input it would output the wrong results. As humans, we are no different. The things we put into our minds are the very… Continue reading Deu 11v18-19 – G.I.G.O.

Heb 4v12 – The mirror

He had heard about an incredible treasure in an ancient castle. Arriving, he sees a line of people waiting to enter. A sign warns, “Danger. Entry could be fatal”. Yet still, one by one, people enter. Exiting from another door, a man falls to the ground. Another person appears shrouded in a deathly pallor. As… Continue reading Heb 4v12 – The mirror

Mat 4:10 – Resisting temptation

“Then Jesus said to him, ‘Away with you, Satan! For it is written, You shall worship the LORD your God, and Him only you shall serve.’” (Matthew 4:10). Jesus was the Son of God. King of Israel, Second in command in the universe. The temptation to test this unique, powerful position must have been great.… Continue reading Mat 4:10 – Resisting temptation

Act 2:42 – Devoted

What would you say you are devoted to? Sports? Work? Family? Most of us are devoted to something. If you are unsure, simply look at what you spend most of your time and energy on. We are told what the first-century believers devoted themselves to. “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship,… Continue reading Act 2:42 – Devoted

Psa 19:7-8 – It’s for us

If you are anything like me, you will at some stage, or may even still believe that God’s commandments were given by God to please Him. They were not given for our pleasure. Rather, they are difficult to keep but essential to follow if we want to be part of God’s kingdom. Psalm 19:7-8 tells… Continue reading Psa 19:7-8 – It’s for us

2Co 4:16 – New inside

A friend recently had to go and help move her elderly dad into a frail care facility due to his declining health. While packing his belongings she came across his Bible. It was old and worn. The outside had tape holding it together. Inside it was filled with endless notes. Sadly, due to his health,… Continue reading 2Co 4:16 – New inside