1Pe1v4 – Million dollar bowl of stew

Would you pay a million dollars for a bowl of stew? There is a Bible story of someone who did. It’s the story of two brothers, Esau and Jacob. Esau, as oldest, was in line to inherit their dad’s fortune. One day after an unsuccessful hunting trip, he is starving. Jacob has just made a… Continue reading 1Pe1v4 – Million dollar bowl of stew

Mat 6v26 – Unfettered and free

We recently visited an eco cabin in the mountains where birds were abundant. They were very playful and comfortable with our presence. As soon as we sat down on the deck, the birds would perch nearby, looking for food. A huge storm was brewing, and I wondered where the birds would go to shelter from… Continue reading Mat 6v26 – Unfettered and free

Joh 7v37 – Thirsty!

Social media content creators will tell you photos or reels with clear blue water get more likes than most other posts. There is just something special about water. We are naturally attracted to its beauty. Maybe it is because water is essential for our survival. Our human body is made of approximately 60% water. We… Continue reading Joh 7v37 – Thirsty!

Zep 1v7 – Be silent

We had cycled up a steep mountain track and finally arrived at the top, where a remote campsite was located. When our panting subsided, all we could hear was…nothing. It was incredibly still beside the occasional sound of a bird or gentle rustle of a leaf. It’s that silence that we sometimes refer to as… Continue reading Zep 1v7 – Be silent

Amo 8v1 – The famine!

Famine. Most of us living in first-world countries only know what this means conceptually. For us, food is everywhere whenever we want it. Yet, despite this, we are starving. We are in the midst of the worst famine ever. A famine that is causing despair, suffering, and death, and we don’t even realize what’s killing… Continue reading Amo 8v1 – The famine!

Pro 23v1-3 – The job offer

Imagine you receive an amazing job offer. The salary and perks are so good. It’s like a feast of good things. You crave to have it! What do you do? Accept it, of course. Yet we may forget that no one gives without expecting much more in return. This “feast” may cost more than we… Continue reading Pro 23v1-3 – The job offer

Pro 19v24 – Your favorite meal

Imagine you have invited a friend around for dinner. You’ve spent hours preparing their favourite food. Finally, you are all seated and the food is served. It’s perfect. You look with joy and anticipation at your friend to see their response as they lower their fork to take their first mouthful. If it’s art on… Continue reading Pro 19v24 – Your favorite meal

Pro 5v3-5 – Poisoned food

Some years ago, a group of us went out for a meal at a seafood restaurant overlooking the harbour. The food was delicious. However, when I got home, I started to feel unwell. My stomach was churning, and soon I was racing to the toilet, where I would spend many hours of gastric reflection. Later,… Continue reading Pro 5v3-5 – Poisoned food

Joh 6:5 – The wrong answer

“When Jesus looked up and saw a great crowd coming toward him, he said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?”” (John 6:5). It’s a crowd of 5000 people. What would you have answered?“Philip replied, “Even if we worked for months, we wouldn’t have enough money to feed them!”” (John… Continue reading Joh 6:5 – The wrong answer

Psa 115:13 – Love Coffee

I love coffee. For me, there is nothing nicer than a delicious freshly brewed morning espresso. Imagine my surprise one day, after enjoying my morning brew, and later noticing a heart left behind in the dried coffee. Our love was confirmed. Yet this pales into insignificance compared to the love contained in the cup of… Continue reading Psa 115:13 – Love Coffee