Luk 2v10-11 – I bring you good news

In the darkness, a light shines out. In the silence, an angel’s shout. “I bring you good news, great joy for all.” To their knees, the shepherds did fall. “Today in David‘s town, a Saviour is born”. The angel declares as heaven’s veil is torn. “He is the Messiah. He is the Lord.” Heavenly voices… Continue reading Luk 2v10-11 – I bring you good news

Dan 10v12 – God already heard you

Do you sometimes pray and pray, and God doesn’t seem to hear? It would be amazing if we could peek into Heaven and see if God is actually listening. Daniel saw something that troubled him so much that he fasted and prayed for three weeks. No answer. But then we get a glimpse into heaven… Continue reading Dan 10v12 – God already heard you

Gen 16v13 – I see you

Howzit. G’Day. Hello. Bonjour. All languages and cultures have words for greeting. In Zulu the word is Sawubona. Unlike many other greetings that simply mean “hello”, this Zulu word means “I see you”. It conveys acknowledging the other person with respect and giving them your full attention. It’s a way of recognising the person’s presence… Continue reading Gen 16v13 – I see you

Psa 91v11 – Divine Care

On a warm Sunday afternoon in September, while enjoying a barbecue, we noticed thick black smoke coming from our neighbour’s property. Going across, we found a wooden cabin in flames. By the time the flames were extinguished, it was just a shell. Thankfully, the tenant, a young student, was out, but all his belongings were… Continue reading Psa 91v11 – Divine Care

Psa 23v4 – 82 and alone

“I am so blessed,” she says as I listen to her voice message. “God is amazing”, she concludes with joy as her message ends. At 82 years of age and living alone, you might think Rosemary has shared a message about some windfall gain or other fortuitous event. However, she has just told me about… Continue reading Psa 23v4 – 82 and alone

Psa 91v11 – Angel care

We were recently hiking in a remote area about 90 minutes drive from any civilisation. We were rounding the corner of a rocky area when my husband, who was in the lead, spotted a large, highly venomous horned adder lying on the path. He immediately cautioned me, and we moved off the path. The snake… Continue reading Psa 91v11 – Angel care

Exo 23v20 – Angel ahead

One of the most challenging things when going to a new place is knowing what to expect. What will the people be like? What will the accommodation be like? However, if someone has been there before you, that can help a lot. You can read their reviews and get an insight into what to expect.… Continue reading Exo 23v20 – Angel ahead

Psa 91v11 – Angels all around

You are travelling home late at night, and get a flat tyre. It’s dark, and you’re alone. Is your first response to panic feeling frightened and vulnerable, or do you immediately notice the angel beside you and ask for God’s divine protection? There are three Bible passages where God assures us of the presence of… Continue reading Psa 91v11 – Angels all around

Isa 9v6 – In our world

In our world, where hope is lost Where faith is gone and lives forlorn  Unto us, a child is born. In our world, where people hurt Where dreams are broken, and hopes are riven Unto us, a son is given. In our world, where rulers fail Where peace is lost, and wars do smoulder The… Continue reading Isa 9v6 – In our world

Gen 28:15 – Towers or Ladders?

830 meters. 160 stories. It’s the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Since the beginning of time, we have been obsessed with reaching heaven. In Genesis 11 we read; “Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for… Continue reading Gen 28:15 – Towers or Ladders?