Psa 37v7 – Still as stone

Are you waiting for something from God? As humans, we are generally not very good at waiting. We read Bible stories that, within a few verses or chapters, talk about a prayer and a response. However, often the gap is months or even years apart. Abraham and Sarah waited 25 years for God to answer… Continue reading Psa 37v7 – Still as stone

Dan 10v12 – God already heard you

Do you sometimes pray and pray, and God doesn’t seem to hear? It would be amazing if we could peek into Heaven and see if God is actually listening. Daniel saw something that troubled him so much that he fasted and prayed for three weeks. No answer. But then we get a glimpse into heaven… Continue reading Dan 10v12 – God already heard you

Psa 27v14 – The waiting gap

I’m not very good at waiting. There’s a certain acceptable time, and then the waiting should be over. But while we might get exasperated with waiting for the ordinary things of life, what about waiting for God? We have asked God to help us – we have prayed for something, and still, we are waiting.… Continue reading Psa 27v14 – The waiting gap

Psa 37v8 – Be Still

The other day, I had to drive from Franschhoek to Cape Town. I had a meeting at 8 a.m., and I naively thought I could make the drive in 1 hour and 15 min. But there was something I forgot to consider: Traffic, Cape Town Traffic! I watched in despair as my estimated arrival time… Continue reading Psa 37v8 – Be Still

Heb 12v11 – Worthwhile discipline

We all know that to live a long and healthy life it is important to stay fit. However if staying fit was easy most of the population would be exercising. The reality is we live in a world with high levels of poor health, inactivity, and obesity. Keeping fit requires daily discipline and most are… Continue reading Heb 12v11 – Worthwhile discipline

Psa 13v5-6 – No reply

Have you experienced being “blue ticked”? It’s when you send someone a message on WhatsApp, and it gets two blue ticks that indicate it has been delivered and read, but there is no reply. It can be really frustrating if you are waiting for an answer. It feels like the person is simply ignoring you… Continue reading Psa 13v5-6 – No reply

Jam 1v19 – Slow to speak

Someone has just said something offensive or unkind to you. Before you have time to think, you respond angrily. What is it about human nature that it always seeks to justify itself, always chooses the wrong words, and always says hurtful words instead of being silent or saying kind, loving words? Jesus promises to live… Continue reading Jam 1v19 – Slow to speak

Mat 12v20 – Smoking log

Campfire. It’s a word that, for most, will ignite a range of pleasant memories. Stories. Laughter. Friends. Peace. Warmth. Safety. Watching the logs crackle as the orange light dances across the faces of those around the fire brings pure joy. However, sometimes one of the logs starts to smoke, which can ruin the experience. There’s… Continue reading Mat 12v20 – Smoking log

Col 3v12 – and Patience

We wanted to buy mature fast-growing trees to plant as a screen as we didn’t have the patience to wait years for them to grow. However, we learned there are some issues with this. Firstly, fast-growing trees tend not to be as strong, are more susceptible to insects and disease, and don’t live as long.… Continue reading Col 3v12 – and Patience

2Ti 4v8 – True Love

What a crazy and enthusiastic welcome we get every time we return home…from our dogs. Even if we have only been gone 30 minutes, they bark and lick and bounce and spin in a show of joy as if we have been gone for months. Dog years and dog time aside, it is the most… Continue reading 2Ti 4v8 – True Love