Joh 14v6 – The driveway

Recently, we experienced catastrophic flooding that destroyed many homes in our area. In addition to our homes being flooded, our road and long gravel driveway were totally destroyed. While I had always been aware of other risks to our home, like theft or, fires or even flooding, I had never considered the impact of losing… Continue reading Joh 14v6 – The driveway

Deu 1v31 – Miracle moments

Having experienced a terrible flood, the new day means light and our best opportunity to escape. After a long walk in the rain and wind carrying a few clothes and two small dogs we arrive at a road. However, a raging river has ripped the road apart, separating us from our destination. With shivering, wet… Continue reading Deu 1v31 – Miracle moments

Mat 8v24 – Sleeping in a storm

Awakening in the dark to find water knee-deep around your bed is very scary. With torrential rain outside, no way of escape and the possibility of the river bursting its banks, there is real danger. I sit with an emergency lamp on, watching the water slowly rising and listening to the downpour. Fear, despair, and… Continue reading Mat 8v24 – Sleeping in a storm

Pro 24v3-4 – Flooded House

It’s 5:44 am. The waters are still rising around our bed. It’s dark, and the rain continues its torrential downpour. Our entire house is flooded. We had just spent months renovating it and getting it set up to run as an Airbnb. Our first guests had just left and we returned to stay. And now…I… Continue reading Pro 24v3-4 – Flooded House

Gal 4v6 – Abba Father

Padre, Vader, uBaba, Far, Apa, Otec. These are all words in different languages that mean the same thing – Father. However, what is interesting is the Hebrew word for father – Ab. The tradition of calling the collection of letters, the alphabet comes originally from Hebrew, where it was called the Aleph Bet, after the… Continue reading Gal 4v6 – Abba Father

Exo 33v14 – My pillow

We live somewhat of a gypsy life, always on the move. Sometimes we sleep in a different place every night for several weeks – everything from our rooftop tent to a timeshare apartment. The issue is that every place has a different bed – some hard, some soft, some with huge pillows, some with lumpy… Continue reading Exo 33v14 – My pillow

Pro 16:3 – Choosing your builder

When building a house, you need to find an architect to draw up your plans. However, while this is important, there is a big gap between plans and the reality of your home. Your perfect plans now need to be given to a builder who will hopefully translate the plans into reality. When it comes… Continue reading Pro 16:3 – Choosing your builder

Joh 14v23 – Home sweet home

If I say the word “home”, what images come to mind? Home is a safe haven and a comfort zone. A place to live with our families and pets and enjoy with friends. A place to build memories. Nothing is nicer than a home-cooked meal around the dinner table with family and friends. Or sitting… Continue reading Joh 14v23 – Home sweet home

Luk 24v32 – The first supper

The Last Supper is a phrase all Christians are familiar with. It was the final meal that Jesus had with his disciples before he gave his life. A meal that was instituted so we would remember his sacrifice and what it means to us. But have you heard of the First Supper? This takes place… Continue reading Luk 24v32 – The first supper

1Co 3v16 – The house

Home – it’s a place we desire to live with loved ones in joy and peace. It’s God’s design. In the beginning, in the dark endless emptiness of space, God created Earth – a place for Him to live with us. He then planted a garden, and in the garden, He made a special space,… Continue reading 1Co 3v16 – The house