Jer 17v9 – The Postmodern Pitfall

If you were looking for advice in life, would you go to a deceitful person? Someone so bad they are known as the most untrustworthy person ever. This is the last person you would seek help from, especially regarding the big life issues, like my identity or my life plans, or helping me find true… Continue reading Jer 17v9 – The Postmodern Pitfall

Joh 5v39-40 – I love the idea of

Have you ever met someone who reads every book and watches every documentary on health and fitness? They constantly talk about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. However, they seldom engage in exercise and tend to eat unhealthy foods. They are more in love with the idea of being healthy rather than practising healthy habits… Continue reading Joh 5v39-40 – I love the idea of

Joh 14v16-17 – Killing Truth

“What is Truth?” asked Pilate. And there standing before him stood Jesus; ”the way the truth and the life” (John 14:6). What did the Jews choose to do with the Truth standing in front of them? “Crucify Him!” they shouted (Matthew 27:22). Sadly, most of the world today also choose to crucify truth to satisfy… Continue reading Joh 14v16-17 – Killing Truth

Heb 11v1 – Scary water

The pool is a dark ochre red as we reach the waterfall at the end of our walk. We are hot, and a dip in the cool water would be amazing. However, the dark, ominous-looking water conceals what lurks below. However, for us, the refreshing invitation is greater than the fear of the unknown, and… Continue reading Heb 11v1 – Scary water

Gen 16v13 – I see you

Howzit. G’Day. Hello. Bonjour. All languages and cultures have words for greeting. In Zulu the word is Sawubona. Unlike many other greetings that simply mean “hello”, this Zulu word means “I see you”. It conveys acknowledging the other person with respect and giving them your full attention. It’s a way of recognising the person’s presence… Continue reading Gen 16v13 – I see you

Heb 6v12 – Motivated to achieve

Recently, our team, the Springboks, won the Rugby World Cup Championship. Now, wherever I go I see kids playing rugby. It’s amazing how motivated people are to pursue a sport or activity when they have witnessed something amazing. Yet, while being motivated is important, achieving our goal is not just about starting but staying the… Continue reading Heb 6v12 – Motivated to achieve

1Co 15v52 – The resurrection plant

There is an extraordinary tumbleweed plant that blows across the desert. Called the resurrection plant, it may have been dead for 100 years until one day, it blows into a puddle of water. Within minutes, it comes to life, unfurling its dead fronds. Then, if rain falls on it, within hours, flowers appear, and seeds… Continue reading 1Co 15v52 – The resurrection plant

Mat 5v8 – You can see God

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” (Matthew 5:8). What an amazing blessing from Jesus. But our hearts are not pure; as we read in Romans 3:10, “There is none righteous, no, not one.” So how is this possible? David gives the answer; “Create in me a pure heart, O God,… Continue reading Mat 5v8 – You can see God

Heb 11v6 – Complete faith

I am seated in a plane and about to take off. It is a metal box with two metal arms protruding from either side. I’m not exactly sure how this piece of technology can lift me 30,000 feet above sea level. But I have faith that it will bring me to my final destination. This… Continue reading Heb 11v6 – Complete faith

1Co 15v57 – Won by (the) One!

The Rugby World Cup quarter-finals. The tension, the stress. South Africa win by one point. The excitement! The Rugby World Cup semi-finals. The tension, the stress. South Africa win by one point. The exhilaration. The Rugby World Cup finals. The tension, the stress. South Africa win by one point. The euphoria! It’s just too 1DERFUL!… Continue reading 1Co 15v57 – Won by (the) One!