Psa 25v15 – Storm or Saviour

Going out with our mountain bikes to ride the trails around us is always fun. But like learning any new thing, it comes with knocks and falls – quite literally, in this case. One of the lessons quickly learned is how to navigate rocky trails. Coming down a steep rocky trail can be scary as… Continue reading Psa 25v15 – Storm or Saviour

Luk 10v42 – One thing

Another email. Another phone call. Another demand. Another duty. Sometimes life can feel overwhelming. Wherever we look there are demands endlessly assailing us. One task is not yet finished and ten more have taken its place. Martha must have felt like this when Jesus and all his disciples unexpectedly arrived at her home. So many… Continue reading Luk 10v42 – One thing

Psa 119v10 – The labyrinth

We came across a labyrinth at a place we were staying and decided to walk it. Unlike a maze in which you get lost, a labyrinth is a single path you follow that ultimately leads you to the destination point. All the time you can see the destination and others who are walking, however, just… Continue reading Psa 119v10 – The labyrinth