Isa 46v9-10 – Know The future

I might not be able to tell the future, but I know the future, and that has made all the difference. No human being can tell the future, as there is only one who is outside of time, and that is God. He alone knows and determines what happens in the future. “Remember the things… Continue reading Isa 46v9-10 – Know The future

Heb 11v1 – Scary water

The pool is a dark ochre red as we reach the waterfall at the end of our walk. We are hot, and a dip in the cool water would be amazing. However, the dark, ominous-looking water conceals what lurks below. However, for us, the refreshing invitation is greater than the fear of the unknown, and… Continue reading Heb 11v1 – Scary water

Mat 24v7-8 – Good news about the bad news

“No place safe in Gaza as fighting rages”. “Deadly earthquake strikes Nepal”. “Hundreds missing as Hurricane hits Mexico”. We are living in a world where news of famines, floods, fires, earthquakes, and wars are a regular occurrence. Jesus warned us 2000 years ago what the conditions in the world would be like just before his… Continue reading Mat 24v7-8 – Good news about the bad news

1Co 15v52 – The resurrection plant

There is an extraordinary tumbleweed plant that blows across the desert. Called the resurrection plant, it may have been dead for 100 years until one day, it blows into a puddle of water. Within minutes, it comes to life, unfurling its dead fronds. Then, if rain falls on it, within hours, flowers appear, and seeds… Continue reading 1Co 15v52 – The resurrection plant

Mat 5v8 – You can see God

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” (Matthew 5:8). What an amazing blessing from Jesus. But our hearts are not pure; as we read in Romans 3:10, “There is none righteous, no, not one.” So how is this possible? David gives the answer; “Create in me a pure heart, O God,… Continue reading Mat 5v8 – You can see God

2Co 4v7 – The Trapped Log

Walking along the seawall, I see a massive log trapped between the tide and the shore. This huge log could be used to hold up a house or a bridge. Yet, it seems like the tide and the waves are determined to destroy it. Despite its size, eventually, it will break apart and disappear into… Continue reading 2Co 4v7 – The Trapped Log

Psa 27v14 – The waiting gap

I’m not very good at waiting. There’s a certain acceptable time, and then the waiting should be over. But while we might get exasperated with waiting for the ordinary things of life, what about waiting for God? We have asked God to help us – we have prayed for something, and still, we are waiting.… Continue reading Psa 27v14 – The waiting gap

Psa 116v15 – The fallen tree

Sometimes it’s storms, and sometimes it’s old age. But when a massive oak tree falls after standing so tall for so long, it leaves a gaping hole in the forest canopy. Yet the sad loss of this giant sentinel means light and nutrients for saplings just beginning to grow. When the giant oaks in our… Continue reading Psa 116v15 – The fallen tree

Joh 2v10 – Choosing wine

We are getting married this year, and like everyone always says, a wedding is expensive. You just say the word “wedding”, and everything is triple in price. Recently, I was looking at some wine options for the reception. As we are serving nice drinks before the reception, my thought was we could serve cheaper wine… Continue reading Joh 2v10 – Choosing wine

Psa 121v1-2 – Look above the mountains

Awe-inspiring. We are staying at a rustic cabin nestled at the base of majestic mountains rising like giant sentinels toward the azure blue sky. The recent rains have caused multiple silky waterfalls to plummet down the steep cliffs, creating an otherworldly scene. I can see why people look at mountains and feel close to God.… Continue reading Psa 121v1-2 – Look above the mountains