Joh 8v34 – The slave

It’s shocking; I just saw someone who is a slave! I thought slavery was abolished hundreds of years ago. But what’s more shocking is where I saw them. It wasn’t in some dark underground room. It was in the mirror! What burdens are you carrying? Worries about your future? Anger about what politicians are doing… Continue reading Joh 8v34 – The slave

Gal 5v1 – Slaves in freedom

The book of Nehemiah tells the story of the return of the Jewish people to their land to rebuild Jerusalem after being in captivity for hundreds of years. While still under the rule of a foreign king, they are allowed to rebuild the city’s walls. However, despite this wonderful opportunity, Nehemiah laments, “So now today… Continue reading Gal 5v1 – Slaves in freedom

Pro 1v19 – Hungry for God

We recently watched a documentary series on the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger. His achievements were amazing – from winning the Mr Universe bodybuilder title several times, to top movie star, to Governor of the State of California. When asked how he achieved all this success, he replied that he was always hungry, and this pushed… Continue reading Pro 1v19 – Hungry for God

Luk 5v16 – Dangerous Vibrations

Some years ago, I watched in awe and trepidation as Nik Wallenda stepped out onto a thin wire stretched across the Grand Canyon with no safety devices. Nik became the first person to complete the 457-meter walk across the Grand Canyon. With strong winds and dangerous cable vibrations, there were some heart-stopping moments, especially when… Continue reading Luk 5v16 – Dangerous Vibrations

Luk 12v20 – Life Lottery

How would you feel if you knew you would win $10 million tomorrow? How would you feel if you knew you wouldn’t wake up tomorrow? For most, the horror of the second is worse than the euphoria of the first. This means that waking up alive is worth more than $10 million. Yet how many… Continue reading Luk 12v20 – Life Lottery

Hag 1v6 – Unfulfilled

How’s this for a poem that captures the sad state of so many people’s lives – “You have planted much, but harvested little. You eat, but never have enough. You drink, but never have your fill. You put on clothes, but are not warm. You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with… Continue reading Hag 1v6 – Unfulfilled

2Ti 3v1-5 – Terrible Times

Two thousand years ago, the Bible writers described what the last days would look like before Jesus returns. While some passages describe unstable political situations and an unstable natural earth (Luke 21:8-11), Paul tells us about individuals – you and me. “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will… Continue reading 2Ti 3v1-5 – Terrible Times

Pro 23v1-3 – The job offer

Imagine you receive an amazing job offer. The salary and perks are so good. It’s like a feast of good things. You crave to have it! What do you do? Accept it, of course. Yet we may forget that no one gives without expecting much more in return. This “feast” may cost more than we… Continue reading Pro 23v1-3 – The job offer

Col 4v2 – Devoted

Devotion. We can be devoted to many things. Sports. Social media. Career. Family. A pretty good indicator of our devotion is what we spend time on. However, the word devotion carries a deeper meaning. Its original meaning is the “act of consecrating by a vow”.  This means that devotion is about worship and promise. And… Continue reading Col 4v2 – Devoted

Ecc 5v15 – My possessions

Take a moment and think of your three most valued possessions. It could be clothing, technology, jewellery, a car, a house, or anything else. Now consider how often these valued possessions, or our desire to obtain newer versions of them, consume our time and energy. In Ecclesiastes 5:15, we are told – “We all come… Continue reading Ecc 5v15 – My possessions