Heb 11v1 – Scary water

The pool is a dark ochre red as we reach the waterfall at the end of our walk. We are hot, and a dip in the cool water would be amazing. However, the dark, ominous-looking water conceals what lurks below. However, for us, the refreshing invitation is greater than the fear of the unknown, and… Continue reading Heb 11v1 – Scary water

Psa 62v8 – Trust God always

Do you trust God? Most Christians would answer, “Yes”. Do you trust God at all times? Now, this may be harder to answer. When life is going well, we can quickly begin to trust our bank balance or, our health or our intellect. God isn’t forgotten; it’s just we don’t need him now. But what… Continue reading Psa 62v8 – Trust God always

Psa 91v2 – Amazing Flying

I’m flying, and the pilot comes on and says we are travelling 10km high up in the sky at 1000 km/ h. Outside, the temperature is -30c. Yet here I sit writing this gospel bite, totally comfortable. It’s crazy. It’s only because I’m encased in this metal flying bird that this is possible. Outside the… Continue reading Psa 91v2 – Amazing Flying

Deu 31v8 – Change

Change can be difficult, for some certainly more than others. We’ve never stayed in one place for too long, but when the opportunity arose to travel more, we took it. Some of the usual criticisms of constant travel that people raise came to mind – “It’s good to have a place to hang your coat”… Continue reading Deu 31v8 – Change

Joh 8v12 – The light

Isn’t it fascinating how flying brings a unique perspective? No matter the weather below, it’s always sunny above the clouds. It is like the saying, “There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.” Life isn’t always a ‘sunny ride’ and doesn’t always go according to our plan. However, it’s important to remember that… Continue reading Joh 8v12 – The light

Gen 22:12 – Complete Trust

Abraham was 100 years old when he had his first child with Sarah. What a gift. However, when God asked Abraham to offer Issac, his precious son, as a sacrifice, Abraham set out to follow God’s command completely. He demonstrated complete trust in God, willing to give up what was most precious to Him as… Continue reading Gen 22:12 – Complete Trust

Phi 4v19 – The GAP

The gap, it’s the worst thing. The gap between problem and solution. The gap between the known and the unknown. The gap between today and tomorrow. In life, there is always some gap that we stand at the edge of. Will they get well? Where will the money come from? Will I be safe? Will… Continue reading Phi 4v19 – The GAP

Matt 24v35 – Will the sun rise?

Every night I am overcome with a great fear. Will the sun show up tomorrow? Yes, I know the sun has risen without fail every single day of my life, but I’m still anxious that maybe it won’t rise tomorrow. And if there are clouds, how do I know the sun is really still there?… Continue reading Matt 24v35 – Will the sun rise?

Phi 4v19 – Never disappointed

We all know that familiar feeling of excitement you get a couple of days before you go on a holiday. The anxious countdown where you can’t wait to just escape for a couple of days. As we headed deep into the mountains to a secluded cabin, that feeling dissipated as rain began to pour down… Continue reading Phi 4v19 – Never disappointed

Psa 13v5-6 – No reply

Have you experienced being “blue ticked”? It’s when you send someone a message on WhatsApp, and it gets two blue ticks that indicate it has been delivered and read, but there is no reply. It can be really frustrating if you are waiting for an answer. It feels like the person is simply ignoring you… Continue reading Psa 13v5-6 – No reply