Student’s Feast

A buffet of Interactive courses exploring God’s Word

What really makes a meal memorable is when you are more involved in it. This is your opportunity to dive deeper into content through our interactive student portal. Using our app, you can interact with the lesson content, monitor your progress through courses, and compete against others on Leaderboards. To access the interactive lessons, you simply need to download the app on your mobile or access it via your browser, and sign up on the Gospel Bites platform.

A sneak peak of the taste sensations waiting for you


Lessons from Proverbs

A 31-day journey of reflection and lessons


God's Master Plan Course

Learn about God's amazing plan woven into the Bible's entire story


God's Classroom

Lessons from the world around us

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Bible Meditations

Meditations from God's Word

bible read

Active Bible Reading

Learn how to unlock your Bible reading and study (COMING SOON)