Pro 17v27 – Headlamp

It’s a perfect evening atop the mountain as we enjoy the sun slowly melting beyond the distant hills gilding the valley in a farewell gift of gold. As darkness slowly creeps across the sky, draining all vestiges of colour, we decide to head back. Making our way down the hill, only our headlamps enable us… Continue reading Pro 17v27 – Headlamp

Eph 4v29 – Creative power

Every day, within minutes of waking up, you will use your greatest power – a power to create or crush, help or harm, delight or depress – with the words that you speak. God set the example at the waking of our universe. “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.” (Genesis… Continue reading Eph 4v29 – Creative power

2Co 2v15 – Favourite smell

What is your favourite smell? The smell of baked bread? The aroma of food cooking on a barbecue? The smell of a wood fire burning on a cold winter’s night? The scent of a sea breeze? There is nothing more powerful and stirring than a beautiful smell. However, the more important question is not “What… Continue reading 2Co 2v15 – Favourite smell

Mat 12:36 – Idle Words

“Pass me the salt.” “Please put that box upstairs.” “Drive to this address.” All of these are simple everyday instructions, yet have you considered what is actually happening? Without you physically moving or touching anything or anyone, physical items – salt, box, car, person – are moving from one place to another. That’s the power… Continue reading Mat 12:36 – Idle Words

Exo 4:12 – God’s mouth

“Oh, My God!” This has become a common refrain in our media-moulded society. Yet, the speaker is seldom crying out to God or giving him praise. Our words are a reflection of what we read and hear. Jesus said, “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” (Matthew 12:34). And sadly, today, our… Continue reading Exo 4:12 – God’s mouth