Rom 6v23 – Uncleanable

Mud, mud, mud. That’s all we have seen as weeks later, after a severe flood, we continue to clean our house. While some things like chairs and floors are easier to clean, carpets and duvets are nearly impossible. The mud just goes in everywhere. No matter how hard you scrub, there’s just no getting them… Continue reading Rom 6v23 – Uncleanable

Eph 2v8-9 – The sighting!

We were recently blessed to spend a week in the Kruger National Park. On any safari, the most sought after experience is a cat sighting. And so we studied the maps, plotted the best routes, rose at dawn, and drove to dusk, all in search of illusive felines. However, our efforts were to no avail.… Continue reading Eph 2v8-9 – The sighting!

Lam 3:40 – Exams!

“Settle down, everyone. It’s time for the exam”. These are words that put fear into most people. Yet exams are essential. They do everything from checking our understanding of things to checking our health. But there is one exam that matters more than all others – examining our life. “Let us examine our ways and… Continue reading Lam 3:40 – Exams!

Tit 2v11 – The Grace teacher

God’s Word is living and like anything living it changes revealing new things to us all the time. Today I experienced this reading Titus 2:11-14, which I have read many times. “(11) For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. (12) It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and… Continue reading Tit 2v11 – The Grace teacher