1Ti4v8 – How fit do they look?

I recently had the opportunity to run a marathon, and as always, as I trudge wearily along the roads, I am in awe of those who I see ahead of me. It’s not just that they are ahead of me, but the fact that I would never have picked them as a marathon runner. Some… Continue reading 1Ti4v8 – How fit do they look?

Heb 6v12 – Motivated to achieve

Recently, our team, the Springboks, won the Rugby World Cup Championship. Now, wherever I go I see kids playing rugby. It’s amazing how motivated people are to pursue a sport or activity when they have witnessed something amazing. Yet, while being motivated is important, achieving our goal is not just about starting but staying the… Continue reading Heb 6v12 – Motivated to achieve

Rom 4v3 – The priest’s gift

“What does Scripture say? “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.” (Romans 4:3). It’s one of the greatest promises of God, that we are counted as righteous in his sight. But, it is also one of the greatest conundrums. Does this mean I don’t need to live righteously because I already… Continue reading Rom 4v3 – The priest’s gift

Isa 26:19 – They will rise!

Most of us have lost a close family member or friend – your adoring grandparents who filled your life with delight and special treasures. Your mother or father who was the anchor in your life. Your closest friend, who was always there for you and share words of support and advice. And sadly, for some,… Continue reading Isa 26:19 – They will rise!

Hos 13.6 – Forgotten

There was a father who was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. He loved and doted on his daughter and was so proud of all her achievements. He gave her everything she wanted and paid for her to attend the best schools and university. As a result, his daughter became very successful and was highly… Continue reading Hos 13.6 – Forgotten

1Pe 2:17 – Respect

“The president Is an idiot”. “There’s that stupid old lady again”. “My dad is so clueless”. We live in a world where respect is an outdated virtue. Children don’t respect parents. Society doesn’t respect the elderly. And most have no respect for leaders. It’s easy to dismiss people based on our judgement of them. However,… Continue reading 1Pe 2:17 – Respect