Pro 28v13 – What lies beneath?

One of our stops on our trip to Rwanda was this massive, beautiful lake called Lake Kivu. It was truly a paradise – aqua blue water, islands, palm trees and coves. However, beneath this paradise lies something deadly. So deadly, the lake has been named “Killer Lake”. Massive amounts of methane gas are trapped deep… Continue reading Pro 28v13 – What lies beneath?

2Co 9v6 – Sow generously

God makes an amazing promise both in the Old Testament and New Testament – if you sow generously, you will reap generously. Many are quick to caution that if you give God lots of your money, you won’t necessarily get back lots of money. True, but you will get much more than that. You see,… Continue reading 2Co 9v6 – Sow generously

Pro 10v5 – The harvest

I am very fortunate to be able to witness the harvest in the Franschhoek vineyards each year. Harvest time is the culmination of months of meticulous cultivation and years of hard work and planning, all to produce this incredible fruit. Proverbs speaks of our choice to make use of this abundance or not. ”He who… Continue reading Pro 10v5 – The harvest

Jon 4v11 – The whale and the worm

Have you heard the story of the whale and the worm? In the story of Jonah, Jonah attempts to run away from God. God had instructed him to warn the people of Nineveh, an enemy city, that if they didn’t change their evil ways, they would be destroyed. Caught in a storm on a ship,… Continue reading Jon 4v11 – The whale and the worm

Eph 4v14 – Seagulls in the wind

It’s a particularly windy day, and watching the seagulls is fascinating. The seagulls align and face directly toward the wind while the wind blasts across the ocean and beach. It makes sense as this will enable them to keep their feathers unruffled, and it’s the direction they must face to take flight. Yet, while this… Continue reading Eph 4v14 – Seagulls in the wind

Psa 32v6 – Rising waters

Our bed was our island oasis in a house filled with rising water during a recent flood. We had a floor fan that we were using to monitor the water level. The rain continued unabated, and the water level had already reached 30cm. We were completely at the mercy of God. How often in life… Continue reading Psa 32v6 – Rising waters

Psa 139v14 – Wonderfully made

Stop for a moment. Lift your hand and study it. Look at the skin covering your hand. Your skin is the organ that comes into contact with the rest of the world. It holds body fluids in, preventing dehydration, and keeps harmful microbes out—without it, we would get infections. Your skin is full of nerve… Continue reading Psa 139v14 – Wonderfully made

Psa 29v7 – Lightning!

I’ve always been afraid of being caught in a lightning storm. But, since I love the outdoors, it’s inevitably happened a few times. Recently, we were driving back from a camping trip in a powerful rainstorm. We were listening to a Christian band; the song had just finished, and they were praying to God when… Continue reading Psa 29v7 – Lightning!

Pro 24v3-4 – Flooded House

It’s 5:44 am. The waters are still rising around our bed. It’s dark, and the rain continues its torrential downpour. Our entire house is flooded. We had just spent months renovating it and getting it set up to run as an Airbnb. Our first guests had just left and we returned to stay. And now…I… Continue reading Pro 24v3-4 – Flooded House

Mat 28v20 – The Flood!

“Wake up. There’s water everywhere.” As I sit here typing this, I am in my bed. There is about 30cm of water all around us. Outside, the rain is pouring. We have evacuated some guests who were staying in cottages next door upstairs to our loft. We have no way out. Our access is flooded,… Continue reading Mat 28v20 – The Flood!