Act 17v30-31 – To the very day

How good are you at arriving on time? Or completing a job on time? Some people are better than others. But what about God? Is he precise in his timing? “In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. For he has set a day when he will… Continue reading Act 17v30-31 – To the very day

Rev 22v20 – Choose your ending

Have you ever read a book and been disappointed with the ending? Well, what about the greatest story ever written – the Bible? Genesis, the template for the entire story, starts with, “In the beginning God…”. God takes an earth that is nothing and makes something beautiful. And into this, he places humans. But it’s… Continue reading Rev 22v20 – Choose your ending

Rev 22v7 – The wedding day

It seems like it’s a day always in the future. Sure, it will come, but one day in the future. And then, slowly, slowly, suddenly, it’s here. The wedding day has arrived. It’s almost too much to take in. Today is the day. It’s a scene from God’s postcard. Mountains rise majestically in the distance… Continue reading Rev 22v7 – The wedding day

1Co 15v52 – The resurrection plant

There is an extraordinary tumbleweed plant that blows across the desert. Called the resurrection plant, it may have been dead for 100 years until one day, it blows into a puddle of water. Within minutes, it comes to life, unfurling its dead fronds. Then, if rain falls on it, within hours, flowers appear, and seeds… Continue reading 1Co 15v52 – The resurrection plant

Psa 116v15 – The fallen tree

Sometimes it’s storms, and sometimes it’s old age. But when a massive oak tree falls after standing so tall for so long, it leaves a gaping hole in the forest canopy. Yet the sad loss of this giant sentinel means light and nutrients for saplings just beginning to grow. When the giant oaks in our… Continue reading Psa 116v15 – The fallen tree

Isa 57v1-2 Gone too soon

“Too soon!” Our cry of despair when someone precious unexpectedly dies. While life is filled with joy and challenge, hope and disappointment, death is a blade that slices across everything. A devastating finality. A searing anguish. There is only one occasion where the gospels mention Jesus crying, and it is when he is standing outside… Continue reading Isa 57v1-2 Gone too soon

Isa 35v1-2 – The desert will bloom

After being away from home, we returned to see the field in front of our house carpeted with beautiful flowers. The sound of bees and birds filled the air in a song of celebration and life. However, it t is only when the sun rises that the flowers lift their heads and open to reveal… Continue reading Isa 35v1-2 – The desert will bloom

1Co 15v57 – Winning

What a feeling, seeing my wife’s name selected from thousands of entries in a lucky draw. And then the joy of receiving the prizes – a free meal and bottles of wine. What a feeling. But there was more – a free night’s accommodation. And then there was more. Watching our sports team beat their… Continue reading 1Co 15v57 – Winning

1Co 15v22 – Choosing your ancestors

I remember a really good sportsman being asked why he was so good. He replied, “It takes two things. Lots of dedication, but more importantly, choosing the right parents.” He was jokingly referring to how he was lucky to have inherited good sports genes from his parents. We all inherit characteristics from our parents. However,… Continue reading 1Co 15v22 – Choosing your ancestors

1Co 15v52 – In a moment

I’m sitting in an aeroplane, and outside, rain lashes the window while cargo handlers scurry around, bracing themselves against the wind and rain. The weather has been like this for weeks, and it seems it will never change. The thrust of the aircraft’s engines pulls me from my reverie and moments later, we are powering… Continue reading 1Co 15v52 – In a moment