Pro 3v26 – Attached to God

While skiing the other day, we saw a small kid skiing, attached to a harness, with the parent holding on tight. The rope was long enough for the kid to feel like he was flying down the slope, but he knew he would never lose control down the hill because his mom, quite literally, had… Continue reading Pro 3v26 – Attached to God

Psa 31v19 – Awesome Fear

“Riches, honour, and long life” (Proverbs 22:4). Security and protection from harm. (Proverbs 19:23.) Escape from the “snares of death” (Proverbs 14:27). True wisdom. (Psalm 111:10). This is the incredible life our Heavenly Father promises us. But there is one thing he requires first to experience these blessings. If you look up the verses above,… Continue reading Psa 31v19 – Awesome Fear

Psa 62v8 – Trust God always

Do you trust God? Most Christians would answer, “Yes”. Do you trust God at all times? Now, this may be harder to answer. When life is going well, we can quickly begin to trust our bank balance or, our health or our intellect. God isn’t forgotten; it’s just we don’t need him now. But what… Continue reading Psa 62v8 – Trust God always

Eph 6v17 – The helmet

We all know how important wearing a helmet is when you go cycling. So how was it, about a year ago, that I was with my wife at the doctor’s as she was getting her ear and face treated after a bike accident? Well, it was a short ride. No need for a helmet. It’s… Continue reading Eph 6v17 – The helmet

Psa 91v2 – Amazing Flying

I’m flying, and the pilot comes on and says we are travelling 10km high up in the sky at 1000 km/ h. Outside, the temperature is -30c. Yet here I sit writing this gospel bite, totally comfortable. It’s crazy. It’s only because I’m encased in this metal flying bird that this is possible. Outside the… Continue reading Psa 91v2 – Amazing Flying

Psa 91v11 – Divine Care

On a warm Sunday afternoon in September, while enjoying a barbecue, we noticed thick black smoke coming from our neighbour’s property. Going across, we found a wooden cabin in flames. By the time the flames were extinguished, it was just a shell. Thankfully, the tenant, a young student, was out, but all his belongings were… Continue reading Psa 91v11 – Divine Care

Psa 1v2-3 – Planted in a forest

We were recently hiking in the mountains on a cold and windy day. We entered a forest with a beautiful mountain stream running through. Beside the stream were giant yellowwood trees over a hundred years old. They stood tall and peaceful unaffected by the weather. It made me think of this Psalm – “Blessed is… Continue reading Psa 1v2-3 – Planted in a forest

Psa 139v5 – The cavalcade

Many years ago, I had a chance encounter with a king. He arrived unexpectedly at a graduation ceremony for his wife, who had completed a course at our training school. After inviting him to lunch at a nearby hotel, he suggested we follow his car. This involved driving behind a cavalcade of vehicles and police… Continue reading Psa 139v5 – The cavalcade

Psa 91v11 – Angel care

We were recently hiking in a remote area about 90 minutes drive from any civilisation. We were rounding the corner of a rocky area when my husband, who was in the lead, spotted a large, highly venomous horned adder lying on the path. He immediately cautioned me, and we moved off the path. The snake… Continue reading Psa 91v11 – Angel care

Psa 139v9-10 – The dropped phone

We were walking back home after a swim at the beach, carrying our clothes, shoes, and phones. Suddenly there was that horrible sound – the sound of a cellphone hitting the floor and sliding along the road. And then there is that moment of silence when the phone is picked up to see if it… Continue reading Psa 139v9-10 – The dropped phone