Job 37v14 – Stop!

Monday morning. I glance at my diary for the day. It’s packed full. I look at the time. It’s 5:27 pm. Where did the day go? Hopefully, tomorrow I will have more time. Monday morning. A week has passed. I glance at my diary for the day. It’s packed full. We are all familiar with… Continue reading Job 37v14 – Stop!

Ecc 1v14 – Going nowhere fast

Recently, as there was no time pressure, I was enjoying a slow drive home, taking in the scenery. It wasn’t long before cars came racing past me. Obviously, they had somewhere they needed to be. I understood the need to race somewhere as it’s seldom we can be going somewhere slowly. It reminded me of… Continue reading Ecc 1v14 – Going nowhere fast

Luk 10v42 – One thing

Another email. Another phone call. Another demand. Another duty. Sometimes life can feel overwhelming. Wherever we look there are demands endlessly assailing us. One task is not yet finished and ten more have taken its place. Martha must have felt like this when Jesus and all his disciples unexpectedly arrived at her home. So many… Continue reading Luk 10v42 – One thing