Dan 2v21 – Sand dunes

Ascending the massive dune is exhausting, but the views are spectacular atop Big Daddy in Namibia, which rises 325 meters in height. Standing at the bottom, a person climbing the dune looks like a speck compared to this huge pile of sand. I can imagine the sand grains on the pinnacle thinking, “We are the… Continue reading Dan 2v21 – Sand dunes

Pro 21v30 – Soft vs hard

It’s soft, beautiful, and life-giving and appears to be able to be contained and controlled by hard materials like concrete and steel…until it isn’t, as we found out. A massive amount of rain had fallen on the nearby mountains, and soon the water was rushing down everywhere to our village below. Channels built to contain… Continue reading Pro 21v30 – Soft vs hard

2Pet 1v3-4 – Loadshedding

In South Africa, we have had to learn to live with load shedding. This is where we have our power cut off several times a day to stop the national power grid from collapsing. No power means the inability to do everyday things like working and cooking or could mean spending several hours in darkness.… Continue reading 2Pet 1v3-4 – Loadshedding

2Ki 3:17 Invisible miracle

There’s a story in the times of the kings of Israel and Judah when there was a battle between them and another kingdom. However, they ran out of water for their armies in the desert. In desperation, they turn to God through Elisha, the prophet. He tells the king, despite their lack of faith, “this… Continue reading 2Ki 3:17 Invisible miracle

2Th 1v11 – His power

“I am working really hard to make sure that I am worthy of God. I keep failing, but I’m determined to try harder so that all the things I desire will be granted.” It’s human for us to want to achieve things in our own ability and strength. And it’s equally human to want our… Continue reading 2Th 1v11 – His power

Dan 10v19 – Known by the king

Most famous or powerful people are unreachable to us. Yet our Heavenly Father, the creator of heaven and earth, who is all-powerful, is not someone who wants to be unapproachable or unreachable. When we look at the relationship God shared with men and women in the Bible, it gives us an insight into the type… Continue reading Dan 10v19 – Known by the king

Est 4:14 – It’s your time

She was a young girl living in captivity under a foreign ruler. Yet amazingly, she ends up winning a beauty competition resulting in her becoming queen. Her name is Esther. However, soon after this unlikely occurrence, her fellow captives are suddenly threatened with annihilation. She has to make a choice. Remain quiet and let the… Continue reading Est 4:14 – It’s your time

Jer 5:22 – Crashing waves

Boom. The sound thunders as the huge powerful waves crash into the cliffs. It’s an awesome sight to see the power of the waves. However, all this power and bluster vanishes into a misty plume of silence rising into the air as the immovable rocks instantly stop them. God says, “Why don’t you honour me?… Continue reading Jer 5:22 – Crashing waves

1Co 12:7 – For good

Manifestation is a word that has come to mean things like “think aspirational thoughts” or “trust in the universe”. However, the word was used in the Bible before our modern cultures put their spin on it. “To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good” (1 Corinthians 12:7). This verse speaks… Continue reading 1Co 12:7 – For good