Isa 26v4 – Crumbling foundation

Our driveway was being rebuilt after it washed away using concrete border blocks set in cement. However, the cement was laid on top of loose sand. While cement is strong, its strength didn’t matter since it was built on something fluid. Before long, the sand shifted, cracking the cement and causing the border to crumble.… Continue reading Isa 26v4 – Crumbling foundation

Dan 2v21 – Sand dunes

Ascending the massive dune is exhausting, but the views are spectacular atop Big Daddy in Namibia, which rises 325 meters in height. Standing at the bottom, a person climbing the dune looks like a speck compared to this huge pile of sand. I can imagine the sand grains on the pinnacle thinking, “We are the… Continue reading Dan 2v21 – Sand dunes

Pro 16:3 – Choosing your builder

When building a house, you need to find an architect to draw up your plans. However, while this is important, there is a big gap between plans and the reality of your home. Your perfect plans now need to be given to a builder who will hopefully translate the plans into reality. When it comes… Continue reading Pro 16:3 – Choosing your builder

Psa 19v14 – Foreign language

Finding yourself in a foreign country where nobody speaks your language can be daunting. Despite attempts to communicate in your language, it feels as though your words are falling on deaf ears (and vice versa). It’s strange how our words lose their significance when the listener does not understand them. This situation reminds me of… Continue reading Psa 19v14 – Foreign language

1Co 3v16 – The house

Home – it’s a place we desire to live with loved ones in joy and peace. It’s God’s design. In the beginning, in the dark endless emptiness of space, God created Earth – a place for Him to live with us. He then planted a garden, and in the garden, He made a special space,… Continue reading 1Co 3v16 – The house

Psa 62v7 – The Rock

We recently had the privilege of hiking in the Cederberg area of South Africa. This is a remarkable part of the world with the most incredible, massive rock formations. It struck me how solid these rock sculptures are – unmoving, unchanging, and secure. It made me appreciate why King David often refers to God as… Continue reading Psa 62v7 – The Rock

Mal 3v16 – Street names

Many roads where we live are named after people who I assume were once well-known. However, now few know who they are. The tradition of naming things after people happens all over the world., but after a few generations, most have no idea who the person was. In Psalms 49:11-13 we read about those who… Continue reading Mal 3v16 – Street names

1Co 3v16 – The motor museum

Recently I visited a motor museum that houses one of the largest private collections of cars. Inside four large buildings are housed an incredible array of old cars, from original Model T Fords to Formula 1 cars. Two things struck me besides the extraordinary value of the cars. The first was the fantastic condition of… Continue reading 1Co 3v16 – The motor museum

Mal 2v7 – Guarding the garden

Gardens require two types of attention. The first relates to what you do to help the plants thrive. This could be preparing the soil, watering the plants, pruning, providing nutrients, etc. The second is what you do to prevent anything from interfering with the plant’s growth. This could be removing bugs, creating barriers to stop… Continue reading Mal 2v7 – Guarding the garden

1Sa 16v7 – Painting the house

We walk past an old house that has been painted and the garden cleaned. It looks amazing. However, on going inside, we discover a totally different scene. The walls have peeling paint. The rooms are cluttered with rubbish. There are signs of leaking. While the outside might impress, anyone who ventures inside soon sees the… Continue reading 1Sa 16v7 – Painting the house