Rom 3v22 – Right with God

If someone asked you how to become a successful tennis player like Roger Federer, what would you say? You would likely say that success only comes through hard work, studying the best techniques, perseverance, and lots of coaching and practice. So, if someone asked you how to become righteous like Jesus, Many would answer with… Continue reading Rom 3v22 – Right with God

Pro 25v2 – The Conclusion

Just get to the point. Just skip to the conclusion. Just give me the answer. Because who wants the details anyway? We live in a time where the average attention span is less than the duration of this sentence. Where instant gratification is the reigning desire, but enough with the musings; just get to the… Continue reading Pro 25v2 – The Conclusion

Mat 13v11 – Tell a story

I’m sure by this point in your life, you’ve heard the story of the tortoise and the hare. The story’s message is that it is not about how fast you start but how strong you finish. The Gospels are full of stories with important messages, which in the Bible are called parables. Parables, like the… Continue reading Mat 13v11 – Tell a story

Isa 51v11-13 – Hearing God’s promises

Recently I was listening to the book of Isaiah as an audiobook. I was struck by how many beautiful promises and words of encouragement there are from our Heavenly Father. It was taking the time to listen and letting God’s word soak in that brought the message home. Take a moment now and let God… Continue reading Isa 51v11-13 – Hearing God’s promises

1Jo 2v27 – My Teacher

For me, maths class was the real challenge. Especially if it was the first time the teacher explained a new concept, like trigonometry, which made my brain go off on a tangent 😀. I would certainly miss it if I could. It can sometimes be like this with God’s Word and us. We read God’s… Continue reading 1Jo 2v27 – My Teacher

Pro 27v17 – Sharp!

My dad was a Saw Doctor. It’s what someone who sharpens saws and blades is called. He loved the title as it often had people calling him Doctor, which he was, but just not for the kind of “sores” they thought. Sharpening blades involves holding the blunt blade against a fast-moving grindstone. There are lots… Continue reading Pro 27v17 – Sharp!

Pro 15v32 – You’re Wrong!

“You’re wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.” These are not words most of us want to hear. In fact, most of us would be offended if we were spoken to like this. However, five times in Proverbs 15, we are told that it’s only a fool (15:5) or mockers (15:12) who won’t accept correction and that… Continue reading Pro 15v32 – You’re Wrong!

Act 2:42 – Devoted

What would you say you are devoted to? Sports? Work? Family? Most of us are devoted to something. If you are unsure, simply look at what you spend most of your time and energy on. We are told what the first-century believers devoted themselves to. “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship,… Continue reading Act 2:42 – Devoted

Pro 16:3 – God’s thoughts

I enjoy reading different Bible translations, as they can give me new insights into a verse I might have read many times. I recently listened to an audio Bible being read in the New King James version. When Proverbs 16:3 was read, I saw the verse in a new light. “Commit your works to the… Continue reading Pro 16:3 – God’s thoughts

Exo 4:12 – God’s mouth

“Oh, My God!” This has become a common refrain in our media-moulded society. Yet, the speaker is seldom crying out to God or giving him praise. Our words are a reflection of what we read and hear. Jesus said, “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” (Matthew 12:34). And sadly, today, our… Continue reading Exo 4:12 – God’s mouth