Mat 24v12-13 – Strong start weak finish

I recently watched a stage of the Tour de France. One of the cyclists was amazing as he pulled away and held the lead for over 50km. The final 3km was a huge hill, but he was over two minutes ahead of the second rider. His win was guaranteed. However, as the hill wore on,… Continue reading Mat 24v12-13 – Strong start weak finish

1Jo 3v7 – Practicing

Watching kite surfers on the ocean, I am blown away, literally in this case, by their skill as they play in the waves. It’s like a dance as they skip across the waves before ramping high into the sky, twisting and twirling before slowly floating down. It would be great to be able to do… Continue reading 1Jo 3v7 – Practicing

Gal 6v9 – Harvest

A tractor trundles past, towing a bin overflowing with grapes from the harvest. Stunning. I sip the wine. Smooth. Full-bodied. Delicious. It must be great to be a wine farmer and be able to make wine and then enjoy the fruits of your harvest. Yet, the planning, effort, commitment, endless hours, and investment are not… Continue reading Gal 6v9 – Harvest