Rev 5v12 – It’s all about sacrifice

“It makes no sense”, I think as I head out at 5 am for a long training run. “Why can’t I just stay fit?” I don’t want to do this run. But, if I want to have any chance at finishing my upcoming marathon, I have to put in the effort. Sacrifice is key to… Continue reading Rev 5v12 – It’s all about sacrifice

Psa 105v17-19 – Testing of character

Why do things go wrong in life? When one issue after another arises, we can find it difficult. In the story of Joseph, as a young boy, his brothers sell him as a slave. He serves a master who likes him, only to have his master’s wife lie about him, so he’s thrown in prison.… Continue reading Psa 105v17-19 – Testing of character

Psa 61v4 – The shelter

We were recently driving along a long dusty farm road. It was a scorching 40c day. We passed a flock of sheep huddled together in a desperate attempt to shade each other. We felt so sorry for them and would have loved to provide them with a huge shady tree to shelter from the scorching… Continue reading Psa 61v4 – The shelter

Psa 126:5 – Harvest of joy

There’s a well-known phrase, “blood, sweat, and tears”. It’s an idiom for putting in an extreme effort to achieve something. Most things in life that are worth achieving require sacrifice be that completing a degree, learning to play a musical instrument or running your first marathon. However, while these are all amazing pursuits, the joy… Continue reading Psa 126:5 – Harvest of joy

Pro 22:4-6 – Illusive Happiness

Marilyn Monroe committed suicide at age 36. Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose at age 50. Whitney Houston drowned in a bathtub while intoxicated at age 48. These were world-famous movie and pop stars who had all the wealth and fame one could ever desire, yet they were so unhappy that they sadly took… Continue reading Pro 22:4-6 – Illusive Happiness