Deu 8v10 – Praise God

Is your life filled with God’s abundance? When God brought Israel into the promised land, he gave them a land with streams; a land with wheat and barley, vines and figs, olive oil and honey; a land where bread was not scarce and where they lacked nothing (Deuteronomy 8:7-9). Moses told them, “When you have… Continue reading Deu 8v10 – Praise God

Psa 25v9 – The gift of humility

What is it about humans that we love to be right? We are proud of our point of view, proud of our correct knowledge and understanding. Yet is this the way our Heavenly Father wants us to think and behave? Is this the type of heart and mind that draws us closer to Him or… Continue reading Psa 25v9 – The gift of humility

Psa 95v6 – Warthogs

There are many animals that people are excited to see in game reserves. However, one that is not usually high up on the to-see list is the warthog. These beauty-challenged pig-like animals with their wart protrusions are often ignored as people seek out lions, leopards, elephants and other greater beasts. However, watching them on a… Continue reading Psa 95v6 – Warthogs

Gal 3v28 – A Handy lesson

“It’s Doctor, not Mister!” You might have heard someone say this or request you use some other title when addressing them. In life, we all end up in different positions – some as the CEOs of organisations and others the cleaners, some as doctors or professors and others as secretaries. While all these positions are… Continue reading Gal 3v28 – A Handy lesson

Col 3v12 – and Patience

We wanted to buy mature fast-growing trees to plant as a screen as we didn’t have the patience to wait years for them to grow. However, we learned there are some issues with this. Firstly, fast-growing trees tend not to be as strong, are more susceptible to insects and disease, and don’t live as long.… Continue reading Col 3v12 – and Patience

Pro 22v4 – I’m in awe

After days of rain and misty mornings in the Berg, I awake to see the clouds have lifted their thick white curtain to finally reveal the mountains now painted in the rich sunlight of the early morning. A perfect day for a hike into the depths of the Drakensberg. A gruelling 6km hike and we… Continue reading Pro 22v4 – I’m in awe

Pro 15v32 – You’re Wrong!

“You’re wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.” These are not words most of us want to hear. In fact, most of us would be offended if we were spoken to like this. However, five times in Proverbs 15, we are told that it’s only a fool (15:5) or mockers (15:12) who won’t accept correction and that… Continue reading Pro 15v32 – You’re Wrong!

Oba 1v4 – Crashing eagles

I recently watched a movie about Elvis, the “King of Rock and Roll”. His ability to sing everything from ballads to gospel to rock and roll was amazing. Yet sadly, he soon fell victim to his fame and the desires of those around him to make money. Drugs, excess, and an unhealthy lifestyle resulted in… Continue reading Oba 1v4 – Crashing eagles

Luk 23:34 – Right or righteous?

You are in the middle of an intense argument and the other person has just made some convincing points. You are about to tell them why they are wrong when you suddenly realize they are right. Dread kicks in. No, you can’t be wrong! You are NEVER wrong, but it seems this time you are… Continue reading Luk 23:34 – Right or righteous?

Pro 1:7 – The first step

I remember learning to ski. After about a week of lessons, we could navigate most easy to intermediate slopes, with nominal skill and little style. Yet seeing small kids also learning with their awkward style and frequent falls made us feel like experts. That is until a week later those same small kids came flying… Continue reading Pro 1:7 – The first step