Luk 11v13 – Giving Good Gifts

Your five-year-old son runs into the house and asks you for a drink of water. Will you give him poison? It’s a crazy question. Of course not. We will give him clean, pure water to quench his thirst. You are completely stressed out, unsure of what to do and not sleeping well. You are so… Continue reading Luk 11v13 – Giving Good Gifts

1Jo3v1 – My Identity

I’m Jack CEO at TDX. I’m Sally, Headmistress at Park High. I’m Julie from Sydney. What is your identity? Is it, what you do, where you stay, your role as a parent? These identities may not last and when they end, one can often be left feeling bereft and lost. Who am I? Why am… Continue reading 1Jo3v1 – My Identity

Gal 4v6 – Abba Father

Padre, Vader, uBaba, Far, Apa, Otec. These are all words in different languages that mean the same thing – Father. However, what is interesting is the Hebrew word for father – Ab. The tradition of calling the collection of letters, the alphabet comes originally from Hebrew, where it was called the Aleph Bet, after the… Continue reading Gal 4v6 – Abba Father

Hos 13.6 – Forgotten

There was a father who was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. He loved and doted on his daughter and was so proud of all her achievements. He gave her everything she wanted and paid for her to attend the best schools and university. As a result, his daughter became very successful and was highly… Continue reading Hos 13.6 – Forgotten

Gal 4:6 – Dad

“Because you are his sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.”” (Galatians 4:6) – Stop and consider for a moment the wonder of this verse. That God who is all-powerful should be worshipped with reverent fear, and awe is obvious. However, for this all-powerful… Continue reading Gal 4:6 – Dad