Mat 24v13 – End of times

Two thousand years ago, Jesus’ disciples asked, “What will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?” (Matthew 24:3). Jesus then gave a list of the signs we will see just before he returns. How many do you see today in our world? Unparalleled deceit – “Watch out that no… Continue reading Mat 24v13 – End of times

Act 17v30-31 – To the very day

How good are you at arriving on time? Or completing a job on time? Some people are better than others. But what about God? Is he precise in his timing? “In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. For he has set a day when he will… Continue reading Act 17v30-31 – To the very day

Acts 1v11 – Leaving the dogs

We recently left our two small dogs behind when our family went on an extended trip. While we knew the date we would return, the dogs had no idea. As the days became weeks, they may have thought we would never return. However, the date was set and slowly but surely, the day drew closer.… Continue reading Acts 1v11 – Leaving the dogs

Luk 21v28 – The last days

Wars, floods, deadly viruses, earthquakes, famine, people who are lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. There is no doubt we are living in the last days. Even scientists and environmentalists are warning us that unless something changes drastically, this world as we know it is heading for catastrophe. Greed, hatred, envy, selfishness, pride,… Continue reading Luk 21v28 – The last days

1Th 5v2 – The alarm

The howling of the alarm shatters my sleep. I leap out of bed and reach for the only light I can find, my cellphone. We are staying at an AirBnB, and the owner had informed us she would arm the alarm. Being unfamiliar with alarms and the house causes great confusion as I stumble down… Continue reading 1Th 5v2 – The alarm

Jer 5:22 – Crashing waves

Boom. The sound thunders as the huge powerful waves crash into the cliffs. It’s an awesome sight to see the power of the waves. However, all this power and bluster vanishes into a misty plume of silence rising into the air as the immovable rocks instantly stop them. God says, “Why don’t you honour me?… Continue reading Jer 5:22 – Crashing waves