Rev 5v12 – It’s all about sacrifice

“It makes no sense”, I think as I head out at 5 am for a long training run. “Why can’t I just stay fit?” I don’t want to do this run. But, if I want to have any chance at finishing my upcoming marathon, I have to put in the effort. Sacrifice is key to… Continue reading Rev 5v12 – It’s all about sacrifice

Pro 29v18 – The Greatest Vision

“By the end of the decade, we will put a man on the moon.” (John F. Kennedy, 1962). “A computer on every desk and in every home.” (Bill Gates, 1980). These powerful and, at the time, seemingly impossible visions changed the world. In the business world, a lot of time and money is spent crafting… Continue reading Pro 29v18 – The Greatest Vision

Pro 28v25 – Proud goal

Goal! You can’t miss it. The way players react when they score a goal! Pure joy. Some grab their shirt and proudly display their number to their fans, or run, pumping their arms in the air as the crowd cheers. They’ve accomplished something amazing and deserve to feel proud. While others falling to their knees,… Continue reading Pro 28v25 – Proud goal

Pro 16:9 – Walking God’s way

There is a proverb attributed to Benjamin Franklin – “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. This is so true in life. We need to have goals and plans to reach our goals. However, there is another proverb written by Solomon thousands of years earlier. “In their hearts, humans plan their course,… Continue reading Pro 16:9 – Walking God’s way