Ecc 11v4 – Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day. It’s more than a call to action; it’s a reminder not to let our days slip by unfulfilled. In the rhythm of daily life, it’s easy to fall into a routine, repeating the same actions, rarely venturing beyond our comfort zones. This is particularly true in our spiritual lives,… Continue reading Ecc 11v4 – Carpe Diem

1Co 15v52 – The resurrection plant

There is an extraordinary tumbleweed plant that blows across the desert. Called the resurrection plant, it may have been dead for 100 years until one day, it blows into a puddle of water. Within minutes, it comes to life, unfurling its dead fronds. Then, if rain falls on it, within hours, flowers appear, and seeds… Continue reading 1Co 15v52 – The resurrection plant

Gal 6v8 – Sowing life

During lockdown, we volunteered at a community garden close to where we stay. One of our first tasks was to plant runner peas. The seeds were absolutely tiny. It was hard to believe these small seeds would grow into peas. We were so proud to see our harvest of delicious fresh peas after a few… Continue reading Gal 6v8 – Sowing life

Joh 7v38 – Succulents

Succulents are one of my favourite plants – probably because they are so good at taking care of themselves and are so easy to propagate. One of the unique qualities of succulents is their ability to store extra water in their leaves, stems, and roots, allowing them to survive prolonged periods between waterings. They contain… Continue reading Joh 7v38 – Succulents

Gen 2:15 – Tend and keep the garden

“Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it.” (Genesis 2:15). This is God’s first instruction to humans after placing them in his special garden, and it gives us an important insight into what God wants from our lives. We are given the garden… Continue reading Gen 2:15 – Tend and keep the garden

Isa 44:3-4 – Growing for God

If you enjoy gardening, you know the pleasure it is watching young seedlings that you planted and nurtured grow into healthy trees or flowering shrubs. And then to see the birds and insects enjoying the fruit of your labour. To breathe in the beautiful scents of jasmine and other flowers in bloom. In a similar… Continue reading Isa 44:3-4 – Growing for God

Mat 12:33 – Fruit trees

We had an avocado tree that produced the most amazing avos. However one year it stopped producing fruit. And then after several years when it began again, the avos were small and watery. We finally discovered the reason – we had changed the soil beneath the tree by making a kid’s sandpit. We would never… Continue reading Mat 12:33 – Fruit trees

Hos 10:12 – Seeds of love

I remember planting seeds for the first time on a farm. It seemed crazy that these small seeds wouldn’t just get lost and die below all the soil. Yet returning a couple of weeks later and a beautiful row of leafy plants boasting peas now filled the empty space. Because we planted the pea seeds,… Continue reading Hos 10:12 – Seeds of love