Rev 5v12 – It’s all about sacrifice

“It makes no sense”, I think as I head out at 5 am for a long training run. “Why can’t I just stay fit?” I don’t want to do this run. But, if I want to have any chance at finishing my upcoming marathon, I have to put in the effort. Sacrifice is key to… Continue reading Rev 5v12 – It’s all about sacrifice

Luk 10:36 – Go and do likewise

“The Good Samaritan” is a well-known parable. It is clear and easy to understand – be like the Samaritan and show love, empathy, and kindness to others. Simple right? The simple messages are often the most profound yet easily overlooked in our lives. I was reminded of this during my recent marathon attempt when I… Continue reading Luk 10:36 – Go and do likewise

Phi 2v14 – Pulling against you

Our dogs love going for walks. But, it’s not the exercise that excites them but the sniffing. It’s their ultimate entertainment – the dog equivalent of Netflix. We call it Snifflix, and they love to binge. This often results in them pulling against the leash, determined to go their own way. Recently, while walking two… Continue reading Phi 2v14 – Pulling against you

Gen 22:12 – Complete Trust

Abraham was 100 years old when he had his first child with Sarah. What a gift. However, when God asked Abraham to offer Issac, his precious son, as a sacrifice, Abraham set out to follow God’s command completely. He demonstrated complete trust in God, willing to give up what was most precious to Him as… Continue reading Gen 22:12 – Complete Trust

1Pet 2v24 – Roses on edge it vines

Along the edges of the vines in the vineyards near where we live are beautiful roses. While many might think the roses are there for aesthetic reasons, the real reason is not so romantic. The roses are there to die! They are planted as many of the diseases and bugs that might attack the vines… Continue reading 1Pet 2v24 – Roses on edge it vines

Isa 53v5 – Depth of love

There is a worship song I enjoy singing that start as follows; “How deep the Father’s love for us, How vast beyond all measure, That He should give His only Son, To make a wretch His treasure. How great the pain of searing loss, The Father turns His face away, As wounds which mar the… Continue reading Isa 53v5 – Depth of love

Rom 12v1 – AI sacrifice

The world recently changed in a significant way. Artificial Intelligence (AI) burst onto the scene with its incredible ability to create content. “Circuits and code, no heart to feel, AI writes poems with digital zeal.” All of a sudden, poems like this, written by AI, can be instantly created. However, despite the ease with which… Continue reading Rom 12v1 – AI sacrifice

Luk 23v43 – Incredible Invitation

The most well-known verse in the Bible is an incredible, life-changing invitation for those who choose to accept it. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). The next verse gives us an amazing insight into… Continue reading Luk 23v43 – Incredible Invitation

Lev 1:4 -Getting personal

Our food comes cellophane wrapped and neatly packaged in supermarkets. It’s a far cry from what these items actually look like. We can easily lose touch with what things actually are. The same applies to our human condition. We perceive ourselves as cellophane wrapped and neatly packaged through social media’s shelves. Hearts and Likes. Clean… Continue reading Lev 1:4 -Getting personal

1Pe 1:18 – That’s crazy

“Stop! What did you just say?” Sometimes we hear things that cause us to do a double-take. Peter says something double-take worthy. “For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors, but… Continue reading 1Pe 1:18 – That’s crazy