Pro 30v8 – Do you want more?

Do you ever find yourself wanting more? It’s a common feeling. We often crave more – a holiday by the beach, a house by the beach, a boat to use at that beach house. The list is endless. And as soon as we have these things….we are happy. No! Then we crave more. But these… Continue reading Pro 30v8 – Do you want more?

Lev 19v9-10 – Take or leave?

Have you ever watched a competition show, like a cooking challenge, where the contestants must race into the pantry and grab as many ingredients as they can to give themselves the best chance at winning? In a winner-takes-all world, success is often determined and defined by those who take the most. It’s quite simply; those… Continue reading Lev 19v9-10 – Take or leave?

Luk 12v20 – Life Lottery

How would you feel if you knew you would win $10 million tomorrow? How would you feel if you knew you wouldn’t wake up tomorrow? For most, the horror of the second is worse than the euphoria of the first. This means that waking up alive is worth more than $10 million. Yet how many… Continue reading Luk 12v20 – Life Lottery

Hag 1v6 – Unfulfilled

How’s this for a poem that captures the sad state of so many people’s lives – “You have planted much, but harvested little. You eat, but never have enough. You drink, but never have your fill. You put on clothes, but are not warm. You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with… Continue reading Hag 1v6 – Unfulfilled

Pro 18v10-11 – Run! Run now!

Corrupt governments, high-interest rates, crime, climate change, the threat of war, high cost of living, unemployment. There are so many uncertainties in the world we live in today, and it’s so easy to get despondent. Where do we run to shelter ourselves from all these uncertainties? Is it working harder, so we have more money?… Continue reading Pro 18v10-11 – Run! Run now!

Ecc 5v15 – My possessions

Take a moment and think of your three most valued possessions. It could be clothing, technology, jewellery, a car, a house, or anything else. Now consider how often these valued possessions, or our desire to obtain newer versions of them, consume our time and energy. In Ecclesiastes 5:15, we are told – “We all come… Continue reading Ecc 5v15 – My possessions

1Ki 3:9 – A new king!

A new king! However, he is so young. A huge burden lies on his shoulders as enemies threaten the kingdom. And so when God asks Solomon this question, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” ( 1 Kings 3:5), he has many possible answers. Should he ask for money to finance an army?… Continue reading 1Ki 3:9 – A new king!

Pro 22:4-6 – Illusive Happiness

Marilyn Monroe committed suicide at age 36. Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose at age 50. Whitney Houston drowned in a bathtub while intoxicated at age 48. These were world-famous movie and pop stars who had all the wealth and fame one could ever desire, yet they were so unhappy that they sadly took… Continue reading Pro 22:4-6 – Illusive Happiness

Luk 12:15 – Abundance of possessions

I remember a school friend who used to joke, “the winner is he who dies with the most toys”. Sadly this is a philosophy many in our world follow – the pursuit of possessions. In fact most media – TV, social media, magazines, has one goal, to get you to buy things. And the way… Continue reading Luk 12:15 – Abundance of possessions