Joh 8v34 – The slave

It’s shocking; I just saw someone who is a slave! I thought slavery was abolished hundreds of years ago. But what’s more shocking is where I saw them. It wasn’t in some dark underground room. It was in the mirror! What burdens are you carrying? Worries about your future? Anger about what politicians are doing… Continue reading Joh 8v34 – The slave

Mat 18v35 – The unforgiving prison

There was a King who wanted his debts to be settled. They brought him a man who owed him millions of dollars. The king demanded payment. The man begged for mercy, and the king forgave all his debts. This same man had a servant who owed him only 1000 dollars. He refused to forgive him… Continue reading Mat 18v35 – The unforgiving prison

2Co3v17 – Finding Freedom

Three values that guide my life are faith, family, and freedom. While not all choose faith, and many prioritise finance or fame over family, most value freedom. Yet, can ultimate freedom exist without faith? You have the freedom to strum the strings of a guitar in any way you like, but this doesn’t mean you… Continue reading 2Co3v17 – Finding Freedom

Gal 5v1 – Slaves in freedom

The book of Nehemiah tells the story of the return of the Jewish people to their land to rebuild Jerusalem after being in captivity for hundreds of years. While still under the rule of a foreign king, they are allowed to rebuild the city’s walls. However, despite this wonderful opportunity, Nehemiah laments, “So now today… Continue reading Gal 5v1 – Slaves in freedom

2Co 10v5 – Captive thoughts

Is captivity a good thing or a bad thing? We might think it is terrible because the captor restricts the freedom of the captive. However, putting dangerous criminals in prison keeps them from hurting more people. So, captivity is also good. It depends on who or what is in captivity and who the captor is.… Continue reading 2Co 10v5 – Captive thoughts

Mat 6v26 – Unfettered and free

We recently visited an eco cabin in the mountains where birds were abundant. They were very playful and comfortable with our presence. As soon as we sat down on the deck, the birds would perch nearby, looking for food. A huge storm was brewing, and I wondered where the birds would go to shelter from… Continue reading Mat 6v26 – Unfettered and free

Joh 8:36 – The dog walk

“Walkies!” One word and our dogs are transformed from deep sleep to fevered excitement. As we walk down our long driveway, they run all over the place, freely sniffing and exploring. However, when we go out the gate, we attach their dog leads. The rest of the walk is a little more constrained as they… Continue reading Joh 8:36 – The dog walk