Joh 6v35 – Root cause analysis

My marathon training was halted due to an Achilles injury. After a visit to the physio, I learned that my Achilles was not the issue but rather an imbalance in my hamstrings. After some further rehab, I realised that the hamstring imbalance was due to a weakness in my glutes. So I focused on fixing… Continue reading Joh 6v35 – Root cause analysis

Isa 66v13 – Our comfort

Mothers naturally do some things better than fathers. One of these is comforting. Maybe it’s because of the bond created at birth when a mother holds her newborn child. But whatever the reason, it’s a comfort found nowhere else except one place, the origin of comfort – God. “As a mother comforts her child, so… Continue reading Isa 66v13 – Our comfort

1Ch 4:10 – Audacious prayer

“You are a pain. You are useless. You are nothing.” Harsh words that could damage us for life. So, imagine if when you are born, your mother names you “Pain”. It’s not a positive start to life. It’s likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. So too, for many people, circumstances outside of our control can… Continue reading 1Ch 4:10 – Audacious prayer

Pro 22:4-6 – Illusive Happiness

Marilyn Monroe committed suicide at age 36. Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose at age 50. Whitney Houston drowned in a bathtub while intoxicated at age 48. These were world-famous movie and pop stars who had all the wealth and fame one could ever desire, yet they were so unhappy that they sadly took… Continue reading Pro 22:4-6 – Illusive Happiness

Eph 6:15 – Peaceful shoes

Pain. We are camping in the wilds, and I have just realized after taking my shoes off at the shower that I’ve left the soap in the tent. Rather than put my shoes on, I hazard the short walk back over the stony ground to the tent. Pain, as the sharp stones make me regret… Continue reading Eph 6:15 – Peaceful shoes