Joh 14v6 – The driveway

Recently, we experienced catastrophic flooding that destroyed many homes in our area. In addition to our homes being flooded, our road and long gravel driveway were totally destroyed. While I had always been aware of other risks to our home, like theft or, fires or even flooding, I had never considered the impact of losing… Continue reading Joh 14v6 – The driveway

Pro 24v3-4 – Flooded House

It’s 5:44 am. The waters are still rising around our bed. It’s dark, and the rain continues its torrential downpour. Our entire house is flooded. We had just spent months renovating it and getting it set up to run as an Airbnb. Our first guests had just left and we returned to stay. And now…I… Continue reading Pro 24v3-4 – Flooded House

Gal 4v6 – Abba Father

Padre, Vader, uBaba, Far, Apa, Otec. These are all words in different languages that mean the same thing – Father. However, what is interesting is the Hebrew word for father – Ab. The tradition of calling the collection of letters, the alphabet comes originally from Hebrew, where it was called the Aleph Bet, after the… Continue reading Gal 4v6 – Abba Father

Deu 31v8 – Change

Change can be difficult, for some certainly more than others. We’ve never stayed in one place for too long, but when the opportunity arose to travel more, we took it. Some of the usual criticisms of constant travel that people raise came to mind – “It’s good to have a place to hang your coat”… Continue reading Deu 31v8 – Change

Joh 14v23 – Home sweet home

If I say the word “home”, what images come to mind? Home is a safe haven and a comfort zone. A place to live with our families and pets and enjoy with friends. A place to build memories. Nothing is nicer than a home-cooked meal around the dinner table with family and friends. Or sitting… Continue reading Joh 14v23 – Home sweet home

1Co 3v16 – The house

Home – it’s a place we desire to live with loved ones in joy and peace. It’s God’s design. In the beginning, in the dark endless emptiness of space, God created Earth – a place for Him to live with us. He then planted a garden, and in the garden, He made a special space,… Continue reading 1Co 3v16 – The house

Psa 90v1 – Your home

“Come to my house” – “Come to my home”. While these may appear to be the same thing, there is a vast difference between them. A house is a building. A home is a place where people live. House describes the thing. Home describes the activity. A house is described by facts like the number… Continue reading Psa 90v1 – Your home

Joh 14:23 – Empty homes

One thing that constantly astounds me, wherever I travel, is the number of beautiful homes in stunning places standing empty. At one level, this speaks of excess wealth and wastage, but it also tells another story. A story of empty lives. The owners have built these homes in beautiful places – places of peace and… Continue reading Joh 14:23 – Empty homes

Psa 9:9 – Nowhere to sleep

It’s getting dark. It’s cold. You have nowhere to sleep. This is something we don’t want to experience. While it is fine to be wandering around during the day, at night we need a safe place – a home. It’s because when we sleep we are most vulnerable. And so, if we have no place… Continue reading Psa 9:9 – Nowhere to sleep

Phi 3:20-21 – Where are you from?

We are driving along a remote Namibian road when we are stopped by a police officer. After asking for my license, he says, “I am Plaajies from Kietmanshoop”. I am flummoxed for a moment and then reply with my name and home town. It’s unusual to get a greeting like this from a police officer.… Continue reading Phi 3:20-21 – Where are you from?